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Chocolate Truffles (vegan, dairy-free, healthier)

Camilla Saulsbury demonstrates how to make dark chocolate truffles using bittersweet chocolate and cashew cream. Visit Camilla's website for the complete recipe, as well as variations, including Espresso Truffles, Tokyo Truffles (wasabi-ginger),...
Views: 1162
Posted by: Camilla S.
Date: 02/12/2008

Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate has more magnesium than any food on the planet, more antioxidants, it opens your heart to more love, balances the happy hormones in the brain, provides a big wammy of sulpher (the beauty mineral) and a range of other health benefits. And...
Views: 812
Posted by: Shez B.
Date: 01/29/2008

Vegan Superfoods

David Wolf is an expert on eating a healthy, vegan diet full of powerful superfoods.
Views: 776
Posted by: sheryl w.
Date: 01/21/2008


I love this video...All of the superfoods are so inspirational and there is something about her that is unique and powerful!
Views: 469
Posted by: Shez B.
Date: 01/09/2008

What is a Vegan from Steven the Vegan!

Steven the Vegan is also a chef! He explains what a vegan is.
Views: 736
Posted by: Larissa
Date: 12/14/2007