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Brendan Brazier has his own subscription? I love veganism, and I love Brendan Brazier - an athlete who proves you can be vegan and kick arse ( ...
Aug 15 2012 2:04am
My New Book Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with everyone some information about my first cookbook. Su ...
May 01 2012 8:37pm
Responding with Compassion to Your Inquisitive... Tomorrow, my father begins his two-day trek on the road to Alabama where his parents, seven siblin ...
Dec 22 2011 11:22am
Challenge yourself with NaNeFoMo!   I saw an episode of 'Perfektes Dinner' (a German reality cooking competition show) the othe ...
Nov 30 2011 11:26am
Vegan Lunchbox Ideas If back to school has got your vegan head in a tizzy, try these simple recipes and advance prepara ...
Sep 14 2011 10:36am
Vegan Food in South India South India is an interesting place for Vegans because many communities there have been vegetarian ...
Mar 14 2010 8:44pm
Idli chutney is a competitive cousin too:) more
Jul 05 2010 7:50pm
A vegan chef World famous chef Charlie Trotter has many restaurants, mostly based in Chicago. He even has a bre ...
Mar 31 2008 11:52am
Yum! That banana bread recipe sounds pretty yummy. I do find it a little odd that he... more
Apr 01 2008 8:23am
Indian Vegetarian Recipe: Mung Dhal Vegetable Soup Crockpot friendly vegan soup recipe - easy, nourishing, tasty - a satisfying simple meal with ...
Mar 27 2008 4:41pm
This sounds wonderful!  I also noticed you are from Fairfield!  I went to college in... more
Aug 04 2010 9:30am
Milk keeps us from absorbing nutrients Studies are increasingly revealing that we no longer absorb the antioxidants from nutritious foods ...
Mar 25 2008 5:32am
Asian Vegan Recipe: Pineapple Coconut Noodles Quick Easy Asian Noodle Recipe from Nava Atlas's Cookbook, Vegan Express Nava ...
Mar 24 2008 3:24pm