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Spicy Hemp Dressing by Christine A. It’s been a busy week here, but it’s always nice wrapping up the day with a little down time in front of the TV before bed. And Miko looks forward to the couch cuddle time ... Read on »
Waga's Moyashi Soba - adapted (vegan & gluten-free) by Red Rocket & Roses Kitchen Play List: Chris Cornell ~ Safe & Sound The Black Keys ~ Sister Thunder ~ Radio Vivaldi ~ Violin Concerto in F Minor (Winter) Shakira ~ Octavio ... Read on »
Weekend List with Running Pockets by Christine A. We’re having a relaxing Sunday morning here, Leela is parked in her favorite mushroom bed in the office with me. And Miko is snugly stuffed in his bed. ... Read on »
Sweet Basil Dressing by Christine A. It’s back to the grind after a fun 4-day birthday weekend, another year older. But I had fun and got some great gifts. Lots of eco-friendly goodies, books, and ... Read on »
Eat According To Your Goals by Veggin' Out With Christa Facebook So, today after my training session with my client JC, I went to his kitchen to take inventory of his food.  Yes, I did a full kitchen search!  JC has been d ... Read on »
My Beautiful Juniper. by Lindsay W. Facebook Last week was a DOOZY.  Between the up and down hormones, the exhaustion that has begun hitting me mid-afternoon, and the sporadic bouts of nausea, I was feeling at my li ... Read on »
How to:Make Your Own Energy Balls by Lauren If there was one thing that was consistent through my ultra training it was the runger. All.the.time. I was hungry when I woke, sometimes during a workout, always after, e ... Read on »
Green Gumbo (vegan) by Red Rocket & Roses Kitchen Play List: James Rhodes ~ 5 album  It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry for that and I still haven't been well enough to get in the kitchen f ... Read on »
Kicky Tomato Dressing by Christine A. My long birthday weekend is going well, I could get used to relaxing mornings to take the dogs for leisurely walks, go to the gym, drink coffee, go for runs outside, etc. ... Read on »
How I trained to run 100km by Lauren I delved into the world of ultra running last year, with the 56km half distance of London to Brighton, I thoroughly enjoyed it other than the torrential rain for 31 miles! ... Read on »