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Healthy Donuts & Orange Tahini Dressing by Christine A. I’m almost ready for Christmas, most of the shopping is done, packages shipped, decorations up, etc. Time to relax and enjoy the festivities! Miko agrees, he has a new rei ... Read on »
Viridian Qi Ribose Review by Lauren I am a big fan of Viridian . They are my first choice when it comes to supplements, and I have previously used loads of there products to boost my health. I’m also a big f ... Read on »
Versatile Cumin Lentils and Quinoa by Christine A. Thanks to the Pineapple Express, which the massive storm that’s been hitting Northern California for the last two days has been named, it’s been raining non stop here for ... Read on »
I’m Scared of Hills by Lauren I’ll admit it, I’m terrified of hills, and it’s not the uphill effort, but the downhill terror! Since moving to Greenwich, I’ve started doing a weekly hill run ... Read on »
Rocket & Roses Green Goodness Noodle Bowl (vegan & gluten-free) by Red Rocket & Roses Kitchen Play List: Eddie Vedder ~ A Broken Heart Stevie Ray Vaughan ~ Telephone Song Melissa Etheridge ~ The Beating Of Your Heart Frank Sinatra ~ I Lov ... Read on »
Why am I Streaking? by Lauren I’m streaking. Run streaking that is. I’m 3 weeks-or 21 days-into my current run streak, which when I say it seems a lot, but it’s gone very quickly! My previous longest s ... Read on »
Cranberry Banana Dressing by Christine A. Miko is still not digging the chillier weather and he’s gonna be really upset over the next few days since we’re supposed to get a super storm with mass amounts of wind an ... Read on »
Meat My Meals: Discovering A New Twist for Tofu! by Veggin' Out With Christa Facebook Hey folks! Happy Wednesday to you!  With my time being spread so thin these days, it's vitally important for me to have quick and easy dishes I can put together ... Read on »
Brioche by Vegan Dad .. Patient Expert As you may have noticed, I have been turning to mashed potatoes in more and more in my baking. In this recipe, they stand in for 5 eggs and give the final product a soft ... Read on »
Favourite Reads of the Week #6 by Lauren Here is my weekly round up of things that caught my eye online this week: This article in the New York Times about a program where doctors are prescribing fruits/veg ... Read on »