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Vegan Mama: My Favorite Things! by Lindsay W. Facebook Bella and Lindsay and Juniper JUMP FOR JOY! It has been a beautiful week so far.  Matt, Bella, and I headed back to two different East Coast homes for a ... Read on »
Cauliflower and Rosemary Soup by Nada I truly believe that necessity is the mother of invention. I also believe that when the mother cannot invent, it falls upon her offspring to do so, no matter how devoid of e ... Read on »
Summery Garlic Hemp Dressing by Christine A. Sunday we headed to IKEA for lunch and a little shopping where I finally tried IKEA’s new vegan veggie balls . IKEA has always been okay to eat vegan at offering salads, s ... Read on »
Weekend List with Gardening by Christine A. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I’m feeling relaxed this morning with cooler temps and overcast sky outside, perfect conditions for a run shortly. I also caught up ... Read on »
Simple Sweet Dressing by Christine A. Leela is still not happy about the triple digit heat here, she kind of wanders around the house restless and seems a little more on edge being stuck inside. But ... Read on »
Vegan Taste Tour Nicosia by Nada We interrupt your regularly scheduled Ramadan programming to bring you an installment two of the Cyprus trip re-cap.  Prior to my trip, I of course took to conducting some m ... Read on »
My Little Bucket Garden: Lush green leaves... by Red Rocket & Roses Garden Play List: Beethoven Adagios Indulge me a little please as I give you an update on my garden project. Kitchen time has been very little but hopef ... Read on »
Wrap Me Up in Blues and Pinks and Call me Summertime by Kelly @Leafy Not Beefy Leave a Comment I very much love fashion and style, but I am by no means a fashion blogger, nor do I really keep up with all the current trends or colors. But one thing I ... Read on »
Fermenting & Getting Inspired by Dr. Neal Barnard by Christine A. The week is chugging along here, sweet Miko was sitting in the office with me this morning waiting for something exciting like walk time. My exciting week-long ... Read on »
Pressure Canned Beans by Vegan Dad .. Patient Expert This first instalment is canned beans--a convenient staple for any pantry.  INGREDIENTS/EQUIPMENT - 8 to 10oz dried beans per 1 litre/1 quart jar (see note ... Read on »