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Shadow by Christine A. I’m sad to report that Shadow passed away yesterday morning at home. He declined Sunday morning and was lethargic most of the day, hubby and I struggled to keep him comfor ... Read on »
Meet My Meals- Avocado In My Mousse and Overnight Oats! by Veggin' Out With Christa Facebook Vegan Chocolate Mousse Hey folks! I haven't let you meet my meals in a while and I just tried out two recipes that warrant an introduction, so her ... Read on »
More Vegan Chef Challenge & Local Stew by Christine A. It’s been a nice and relaxing weekend so far.  The last few weeks have been so busy with work and outside of work that it’s nice to get a little down time at home to blast ... Read on »
Falling out of love with the gym by Nada Until about a month ago, the summer had left me in a pretty serious fitness rut. While my trip to Turkey was actually quite an active one filled with copious amounts of city ... Read on »
Pumpkin Everything by Berry Sweet Vegan I don't remember pumpkin being such a huge fall fad until maybe a few years ago.  I did some research and several sources connect the explosion with the debut of the Pumpkin ... Read on »
Protein Dijon Dressing by Christine A. Hey, Friday is almost here! I’m ready, it’s been an odd week of drama and stress. Thank goodness for great family to talk to, a wonderful husband, and intense workouts to ... Read on »
Rail to Trail Essex by Lauren My plan of racing more sensibly after an injury hit few months lasted all of about a week, the lure of the trails was too strong. After hearing about Rail to Trail via s ... Read on »
Buchty by Vegan Dad .. Patient Expert If you are familiar at all with these traditional Czech sweet buns you will note right off the bat that mine do not have any kind of filling. But, since "buchty" trans ... Read on »
WWW.MELODYPOLAKOW.COM by Melody P. Patient Expert MY NEW BLOG The time has come to say goodbye. I will be blogging once or twice a week HERE.   Read on »
Living It Up by Christine A. Darn, another weekend disappeared too fast! It was a fun, but busy weekend! And a weekend full of rich eating, whew! It started on Friday when hubby and I went to Baagan f ... Read on »