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Wow. Portobello mushroom pizza...

Posted Nov 15 2008 12:00am
All day I dream about pizza.

All of these shots click for big, clear digital images. I like this camera. I had a Kodak easy share a long time ago and I'm glad to get another one. They give good interface.

Let's talk about pizza.

A nice portobello. About 5" across

Rinse it off, but be easy, they are tender.
Purple water will come out. Don't worry, this is normal. Gently pat it dry with a towel and put it on a plate

Rub a generous amount of oil on both sides of the mushroom cap.

Now assemble your pizza. You could spread sauce on and just dress it with any ingredients you like, sprouts, tomatoes, avocado, olives, seed or nut cheese, etc and eat it raw, right now! I bought a dehydrator today so I am going to do something a little more decadent...

This is a cheese and marinara pizza. I made the marinara before hand and some seed cheese which is just sunflower seeds, sesames seeds, olive oil, lemon juice and salt, blended until it's a ricotta consistency.

Spoon some marinara and smear it around, be generous.

Use plenty of marinara! Looking back I would have used MORE tomato sauce. It was pretty well absorbed during dehydration.

Seed cheese is wonderful. Fattening but better than the alternative. No cholesterol and no one was harmed!

Plenty of cheese, please!

And here it is in the dehydrator. I put it in at 2:15. It's been about 45 minutes now and I can smell it, wow.

This is big folks, stay tuned!

UPDATE! One hour of "cooking" the smell is driving me WILD! Technically, I suppose it's "done" but I want to let it dehydrate one more hour.

Feast your eyes: (I'm so sad if you don't like mushrooms. Poor thing).

Here's an artsy shot for ya

I'd like to say a thing or two about this recipe which isn't really a recipe its just a certain way to put together familiar ingredients to make a familiar and filling dish. Use your imagination and any toppings you like, I just whipped this up in a hurry, you could get a lot fancier if you wanted to.

Sometimes when in transition from cooked to raw you get a little bored with fruit, smoothies and salad all the time and you might want something heavier to ease that need for your old comfort foods. This is a high fat, high protein, "meaty" dish that serves that purpose well. Pile on your favorite raw toppings before and after dehydrating, experiment.

Serve it with a HUGE handful of greens to help with digestion.

It serves 1 for a meal or 2 for a snack, appetizer or side dish.

It took about 3 hours prep time, including making the sauce, cheese and dehydrating time which was 2 hours.
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