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Word of the Year: Rooted

Posted Jan 11 2013 6:24pm
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Have you guys done a “word of the year” for 2013 yet?  I have never done one, so when I saw ARD’s post yesterday about it, it got me thinking.  I thought all last night about what word should be “my” word for the year… lots of words came to my mind, most noteably “grace” and “agape”, but the one that I kept coming back…that seemed to really resonate with me was “rooted” (I know, so much for originality!)  I sillyly kept telling myself, “Pick another word, Kelly.  That one’s already taken.”  But it was already in my mind and deep in my soul by this point, and it just felt like the right word.

I really love the print-out Amanda made to go along with it – I’m going to print it out and frame it..maybe I’ll work on making my own version throughout the year as well.

So why did I choose “rooted” for my word of the year?  Well, it just seems so deep (pun intended) with meaning, so rich.  In some ways, actually in probably all ways, being rooted is the most important thing.  If you’re not rooted in Christ, you can’t really grow.  You can fancy up the branches and it may look pretty for a season, but if those roots are just shallow, nothing good will come from the tree.  I want roots that run so deep and wind so wide that nothing can shake me.  Storms can’t destroy a tree like that.  It’s how it gets its nourishment, through the root system.  Oh, there’s some good stuff here.   Hopefully I will be able to expand more upon this theme as the months go on.


word of the year


P.S. If you want some calming music to listen to as you peruse your favorite blogs (hopefully mine’s on your list ;) ), can I suggest my own CD I made a few years back?  I’m hoping to sell the rest of the physical CDs CDBaby has in their inventory (8 or 9 of them), and then just sell the digital copies.  But I need to sell them by early February or they will dispose of them (or I can pay to have them sent back to me..but I’d much rather not have to do that, obviously)  Or you can just check out the sound clips, that’s just fine too. And if you’re a musician, pretend you don’t hear the mistakes please!  It was done back in 2007, so I’m going to claim that I was just a spring chick and didn’t know any better, lol.

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