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Posted Jul 05 2011 2:50pm

Question by dancedance77665544:
Will becoming a vegetarian truly assist the animals?

I’ve been thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I know a lot of people are vegetarians, but will me becoming a single truly help the animals? And what other ways will it help apart from the animals? Thanks!


Answer by Mel
i am not a vegetarian but i have believed of it but then thought that it would not really aid because even if i did become a vegetarian the animals would nonetheless be getting killed and i can’t adjust that so whats the point. i understand if you wont to grow to be one particular even though because the fact is that it really is cruel! hope that assists!

Answer by ktrb
As demand for meat goes down, so will the need for factory farms. One more element is that raising livestock requires a considerable volume of water and feed and electrical energy, more than you’d want to raise crops to feed folks.

Will you becoming a vegetarian modify the planet right away? No. There is still going to be a demand for meat. But each time somebody decides to either eradicate or lessen the amount of meat they consume, it has a cumulative effect. Search at it this way: if you become a vegetarian, let’s state that over the course of your life it signifies there are twenty cows and a number of flocks of chickens that you will not be consuming. That is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions that are eaten each and each year, but if it really is some thing you feel strongly about, go for it.

Answer by Kellie B
no, properly not 1 individual can help. individuals will still purchase meat and there fore animals will get killed. but if a lot of men and women do it would support simply because not as several individuals would but the meat so they wouldnt have to stock up in the stores that usually

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