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WIAW- Feeling at Home

Posted Oct 23 2013 5:47am

Hey folks! Happy WIAW - Hope this week is treating you well! We have been in our new home for a week today, so we are getting nicely settled in now and it’s starting to feel homely! These are my eats from yesterday:

I started the day as usual with my hot water and lemon- this was made easier with delivery of my new kettle this week, before that I was boiling water in a pan on the hob- painstaking. I had my daily brazil nut and then set to throwing together breakfast.


I’ve been loving quinoa for breakfast this week, I like mixing up my breakfast grains, depending on what I have leftovers of in the fridge, this week it’s quinoa! I mixed quinoa, flaxseed, cinnamon, a fig and peanut butter (I bought PB + Co’s Smooth Operator for the first time in years- it is so nom). This was pretty good, nice and sustaining.

I spent the morning at my laptop researching nutrition courses and looking for jobs, most of the courses are part time at weekends, or once a month so working alongside shouldn’t be any trouble. I need to spend today sorting out my CV and then get applying for some stuff!


After a mentally draining morning I was ready for a pick me up so I had a lovely pink lady (5 for a £1 for the local greengrocer- can’t go wrong!) and 2 of my new “PB + J” energy bites , recipe for those was up on the blog yesterday!


I am currently without a gym, the local Virgin Active is £89 a month!! Not something I can justify right now, so I made a little home gym in our 2nd bedroom. I am getting in some home workouts with old best body bootcamp and new to me blogilates which both Laura and Claire had recommended. Yesterday I did the blogilates beginner abs and abc abs, they are only 10 minutes long but so tough, the abc abs was ridiculously hard!!

Chickpea Salad

I did a few chores and then decided it was time for lunch, so I whipped up a quick salad of mixed leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, avocado, chickpeas and homegrown alfalfa sprouts, topped with a tsp of flax oil.

After this I headed out for a nice walk, I walked up to and around Highbury fields, luckily there was a gap in the weather. The rain of late has been mental! I ran some errands on the way back, and did around 3.25 miles, nice to get a good walk in.


I was having a hungry day (read every day) so I whipped up a smoothie, this was banana, some frozen berries, Superlife smoothie powder, hemp protein and ashwagandha powder. I like to mix up my adatogenic herbs, whether rhodiola, ginseng, maca or ashwagandha, I tend to do 2 week on and then rotate them.

Vegan Chilli

I did some more chores and bits around the house before getting on to cook dinner. I decided to whip up a chilli, I just threw together a load of vegetables, way too much spice and some chopped tomatoes, I then added black beans and quinoa and it made for a hearty meal, if a little bit spicy!!

Fruit Bowl

For dessert, we shared a peach, pink lady apple and some strawberry’s with a bit of peanut butter. We then headed off to the cinema to see Captain Phillips. Oh my word, it was so dramatic, I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I think it’s the best performance Tom Hank’s has given for a long time. It was a very long film and towards the end I had a really sharp pain in my hip when I moved my legs, this happened twice and then when I got up, I could barely walk. I hobbled home in the lashing rain, in a hell of a lot of pain. I could barely lie in any position in bed as it was so painful.

I did manage to sleep and this morning it’s not as painful, but it is sore, I’m going to do some stretching and foam rolling and maybe ice it as well. I was going to run this afternoon but I will have to see how it feels as I don’t want to make it any worse.

Have a great Wednesday.

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