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WIAW #11: A Quickie

Posted Dec 07 2011 10:06am

Ahoy there, friends.

Hope everyone is having a magnificent Wednesday, and if you’re not – well, it’s already mid-week. The worst is almost over. At least it is for me because in two days I am officially on Christmas break!

Unfortunately, I still have a boatload of work to get through and about 23 million cover letters to write, so this will be the quickest of WIAW’s ever.


20111207-145147.jpg Cooookies. Nicky ‘s Banana Maple Oatmeal cookies, to be exact. I made these pre-emptively last Friday knowing I’d have seven mouths to feed on the weekend. Yes you read that right, seven.

Please note, I live in a two bedroom apartment.


While everyone stuffed themselves with bacon sandwiches on Sunday morning(courtesy of the roommate) I chowed down on some puffed amaranth fruity pebbles cereal:

20111207-145157.jpg Puffed amaranth, oats, chia seeds, ground flax, dried strawberries, raisins, shredded coconut and sunflower seeds.


Even though I go home insanely soon, I’ve been feeling pretty homesick as of lately. I blame the sub-zero temperatures.

And when I’m homesick, I make Arabic comfort food:

20111207-145206.jpg Foul mudammas of course, what else.

And chopped bananas topped with tahini and date molasses.


This has been my pre-bedtime snack like every day this week. It’s what happens when you go crazy on reduced bananas at the supermarket.


Yesterday I got my second graze box! I didn’t actually mean to order it but I failed to realise they keep sending them to you unless you cancel the order. Clever, I know.


I tore into the dark Belgian chocolate within minutes of opening the box, and can I just say: what the hell have I been doing NOT eating this stuff all my life? Seriously!?

If any potential suitors are reading this take note, dark Belgian chocolate may just be the key to my vegan heart.


Moving on, more socca love in the form of an “omelette” with some sweet potato chips and a chickpea side salad:

20111207-145232.jpg Good, but not omelette-ish in the slightest. Recipe needs work for sure, watch this space.


And perhaps the most thrilling part of this WIAW, I tried my first EVER Larabar today:


The verdict? Tastes like a firmer nakd bar only bigger. Not really sure what I was expecting as they’re practically identical ingredients wise. I did like the addition of cinnamon though.

What do you do when you have a lot of people to feed?

My roommate suggested we order pizza but I wasn’t a fan of feeding my friends junk (and making them pay for it) so I ended up bulk cooking and freezing some curry and vegan chili during the week.

If you live away from home – what’s your favourite homesick comfort food?

And back to the books I go!


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