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WIAW + 11 Things

Posted Feb 15 2012 8:32am

Time for another round of What I Ate Wedensday!

As the above button states, the theme for this month is “Love your veggies”, which is a great way to encourage people to up their dosage of leafy greens, so kudos to Jenn for that.

I hardly need an excuse (or reminder) to love my veggies as I pretty much do that all year long, but here’s how I fared on this day of eats:


Blueberry oat bars with a small blueberry banana and spinach  green smoothie.

(1 serving of veg.)



2 clementines and an un-pictured royal gala apple.



Carrot sticks avec hummus

Followed by millet-stuffed vine leaves on a salad of spinach, rucola and chickpeas.

(At least 3 servings, if not more, of veg in there.)


Mixed berry and walnut trailmix, homemade lemon cashew and date bar plus the last of my flax crackers, munched on throughout the afternoon.


Beet salad in a sweet balsamic dressing, toasted pita chips with hummus and more vine leaves.

(Another two servings of veg?)


Cherry probiotic soy yoghurt, dried berries, cacao nibs and a smidgen of almond butter. What is it about the cherry and almond combo? So good.

So that’s 6 servings of vegetables, without even trying. Not bad if I do say so myself, considering I hit the allotted “five-a-day” without even counting fruit.


So a while back, Rachel tagged me in this 11 things post. I’d been meaning to get to it, but kept forgetting until Heather tagged me in hers as well! I don’t usually do survey-type posts, but I figure it’s a fun way for my readers to learn more about me, so without further ado here’s 11 things you probably didn’t know about me.

1. When I was little I loved writing and had aspirations to be an author. Once I hit 1st grade however, I said I wanted to be a teacher that “writes on the side”, because writing wasn’t exactly a steady career choice. What can I say, I was a pragmatic 6-year old.

2. It also follows that I loved reading – so much so that my cousins nicknamed me Matilda, which somehow evolved into Mirinda (yes like the soft drink, don’t ask). Other inventive nicknames bestowed on me by other members of my family include pumpkin (mom), nunu, dodda, nadooda (extended Egyptian family). Anyone who knows Egyptian culture will know that nicknames are often the farthest thing from your actual name.

3. When I was 8, I wrote on an “about me” assignment that one of my hobbies was “collecting batteries”…what?

4. When my mom was pregnant with me, the doctor had told my parents to expect a boy. When she had me, she had to undergo routine surgery straight away, so didn’t see me until she’d woken up. The nurses said “were just cleaning her up, and then we’ll bring her to you” – my mom says she perked up immediately and asked incredulously “SHE?!” All my baby stuff was blue, but my parents were happy to have one of each.

5. Interestingly enough, my favourite colour as a kid was blue. My favourite colour now however, is definitely pink. Yes, I’m one of those girls. The ones that will be inclined to buy almost anything if it’s pink – especially gadget related. I’ve had several pink iPods, sets of headphones,mobile phones, iPhone cases, and a pink Nintendo DS.

6. I’ve always grown up with animals, and our house was often like a mini zoo at times. I’ve had 6 dogs (all at individual times), and way too many cats to count. Mary, my cat that I’d had since I was 4 lived to be 15, and I’m so used to having her around I swear I can still see her tail bustling about in the corner of my eye when I’m at home. I’ve also had turtles, tortoises, fish, hamsters, rabbits, and chickens.

Clea, my golden retriever

7. I’m studying Digital Media Technology – a combination of multimedia, digital and graphic design and computer programming. I love it, but during high school I was actually planning on medical school, cue two years of higher level biology and chemistry (ugh, chemistry).

8. I first got into graphic design and photoshop through “dolling”, when I was around 12. I’d love to explain what that is, but that’s what wikipedia is for.

I was a member of a forum and had several dolling websites, which is also how I taught myself HTML. Can’t believe I just admitted this on here.

9. One of my goals for when I graduate university is to become a certified personal trainer. It’s not what I’d want to pursue as a full on career – but training for my half has made me realise there’s so much I don’t know about fitness and exercise. It’d be great to learn more for myself and to help friends and family. I’d only look to take on clients/teach classes if I had the time once I start a full time job again.

10. I used to be a die hard indie/alternative music fan. I worshipped Death Cab for Cutie and was convinced Ben Gibbard was my soulmate. I still have their entire discography, but nowadays I listen to pretty much everything, (yes, even shitty “mainstream” chart music). Some of my all time favourites include John Mayer, Florence + The Machine and The Shins, but I’m also pretty partial to Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Beyonce (love her latest album). Oh and I love Michael Buble – see I told you, everything!

11. I like to think I’ve been a vegan-in-training all my life. Unlike my fussy older brother – I loved all kind of vegetables growing up and sometimes preferred veggie based dishes to meaty ones. I also love all fruits, with the exception of guavas – even just the smell makes me want to hurl (sorry).


Now the rules  state that you must not only post 11 random facts about yourself, but you must also answer the person who tagged you’s questions, so here are my answers to Rachel’s, since she tagged me first:

1. If you could invite any three deceased people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Maybe not all at the same dinner party, but my two grandfathers (whom I never got to meet) and Jon Benet Ramsey. I watched a docu-drama about her murder a few years ago and I’m so intrigued by the still unsolved case. Sombre, I know.

2.  What’s your go-to “feel good” song to listen to?

Anything from the Mamma Mia soundtrack or Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Michael Buble.

3.  If you could only eat *one thing* for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hah, easy. Hummus! :)

4.  Morning showers or night-time showers?

Morning showers, hands down.

5.  What is your favorite piece of clothing? Why?

This changes from time to time but at the moment it’s my black riding-pant style leggings from Zara. I only wish I’d bought two pairs when I had the chance because I’m starting to wear them out – they’re comfortable, go with almost everything and are easy to wear with boots.

6.  What is one popular trend that you absolutely despise? Why?

I feel like I should have something in mind for this but I really don’t. The blackberry craze I suppose? But I guess iPhones are no better now so I can’t really talk.

7. Talk about one person who has had a big impact on your life.

My mom is the single most influential person in my life. She’s taught me everything I know about most things (including cooking), and she motivates and inspires me to work hard and go for what I want. I know it’s cliche to say, but she really is my best friend and I credit her for bringing out the best in me.

8.  If you could pack up your life (things, family, friends, etc) and move somewhere else, where would you go?

So much of my life is scattered across different countries so I’m not sure I could do this even if I wanted to. I do eventually want to go back to Bahrain for good though, at some point.

9. Have you ever died your hair? What color?

I’ve had blond-ish highlights at various points throughout high school, and dyed my hair red a couple of years ago.

10.  If you could speak any language or play any instrument, what would you choose?

I’d love be able to speak french properly. I’ve tried taking lessons before but have never stuck it out long enough.

11.  What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? Brag about it!

I don’t know that this is my greatest achievement, but overcoming years of struggling with my weight and body image last summer was a pretty big deal for me.
I’m supposed to come up with 11 questions of my own and tag people to answer it – but this post has rambled on long enough and I’m pretty sure anyone I’d think to tag has already done an 11 things post.
Instead I invite you guys to tell me one or two weird or random little known facts about yourself in the comments! (Don’t worry if you can’t quite live up to my battery collecting. I was a little bit of a special one.)
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