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why there’s no search, dates, tags, social media sharing, and everything else

Posted May 24 2011 2:38pm

i started blogging in the mid-90s, fairly soon after the internet started. i remember creating new blog posts by copying the HTML file of a previous blog post, editing the content, then editing the table of contents to manually enter the title and link of the new blog post.

obviously a lot has changed, right?

i’ve blogged on and off since – mostly for a specific purpose: music, design, even vegan cookery. as well, i’ve helped around 100 clients setup their own blogs, social media strategies and basically, full online presence and brand. and now, of course, i use wordpress – which automates the tedious details of archives, searches, sitemaps, etc.

but this blog uses almost none of those features.

i suppose i like simple, and when left to my own devices, i always lean towards “what is the least amount of stuff i can add to a site and still have it work in the most easiest way for visitors?”. so this is what i’ve come up with (for now).

  1. there’s no search, because you can scan the full set of articles in the footer of every page.
  2. there’s no dates, because none of the content i intend on writing here is date-sensitive – and if it happens to be, i’ll mention it in the body content.
  3. there’s no tags or archives, because you can read through all the articles using the “older” and “newer” links or by quickly scanning the titles of each post in every footer.
  4. there’s no social media sharing, because if you want to share anything i write on twitter or facebook (or anywhere else), i know you know how to do that – and i don’t need to fill the site with hundreds of tiny buttons, begging you to click them to tweet about what you just read. if you want to, you will.
  5. there’s no copyright, because if you’re going to take (and/or use) anything i write, you will – with or without putting the words “copyright some year” in the footer. i trust you won’t take my writing without credit, but if you do, that’s ok too. feel free to take the code as well, i’m going to release this theme for free sometime soon any way.
  6. there’s not any ads, because i make money doing other stuff. this is just a mental playground for me to explore.

obviously nothing has changed.

content is still king – and if you’re reading a blog regularly, it’s probably because you’re there for the words – and not for anything else. so, i want the content to breathe – and i want my thoughts to be free from distraction. if you’re reading something i wrote, you can do so without distraction.

i like less. i hope you do too.

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