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Posted Feb 29 2012 6:48am

Question by :
Wherever can I find the ultimate vegan medical research?

I have heard all kind of stuff about how becoming vegan reduces all kinds of diseases, and so forth. Is there a place wherever I can uncover a study that has tons of final results? Like uhm, an fda study or a physicians study that has as several findings as completely feasible in a single single research? Thanks
Its for a world wide web site im making. I want to have a trustworthy supply for my data.


Answer by Ulina
Hey, have you heard of “The China Research” by Dr T Colin Campbell? That seems into the effects of consuming a vegan diet plan and the impact it can have on your threat of specified ailments. It really is pretty fascinating and does cover a quite wide range of topics.


Solution by Daisy
You will not uncover such a research…..simply because veganism is not a nutritious diet plan. It is an incomplete diet program that calls for many dietary supplements (pills) to keep nutritious.

Who states so? The Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Source Group (VRG), VeganHealth…..nearly each single major vegan site tells you to supplement the vegan (and some vegetarian) diet programs for at the extremely least vitamin B12. Many also suggest supplementing for iron, calcium, iodine, and DHA.

Ginny Messina, 7th Day Adventist, vegan registered dietitian, married to a major soy promoter, says:

“But right here is the dilemma with making use of the wellbeing argument in this way—it’s that there is not any health argument for veganism.”


“…..So to make an argument for a one hundred% vegan diet program based mostly on wellbeing benefits alone, we have no option but to stretch the truth. We have to overstate the rewards of vegan diet programs, and often minimize or dismiss the dangers. And as soon as we stray from the actual information, our advocacy is on shaky ground.”

I’ll translate that for you:

“stretch the truth.” = vegans lie
“overstate the advantages of vegan diets” = vegans lie
“decrease or dismiss the risks” = vegans lie
“stray from the actual facts” = vegans lie
“on shaky grounds” = occasionally we get caught

So guess you will have to find a thing else to place on your world wide web site.

Solution by Blairdon
Vegan sites really should be what you are searching for. But be warned that not each tiny thing you will find there is correct or verifiable. they might possibly misquote or even make up a lot of stuff just to market the vegan life style which is truly their major concern, not necessarily nutrition of wellbeing.

As far as I know, there are no such verifiable or indisputable studies. The so called “results” of “the China Research” is getting questioned because of the approaches used by Campbell specially how he arrived at his conclusions. It really is known as cherry selecting, selecting the data that supports his chosen conclusion while ignoring those that can dispute it.

What do you believe? Answer below!

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