30/04/2011 · 10:58

I feel quite bad for not following the royal wedding on the TV, because from a quick look at my favourite blogs all over the blogroll it seems like everyone watched it and I am a bit “out”:) But you know, since we have no monarchy in my country and we are not conected to Britain in any way, it was definitely a little out-of-reach event for us:)

Today I woke up with a not-that-nice feeling that I probably got cold yesterday when I was outside with my sister. So I started my quick healing regimen, consisting of extreme amounts of echinacea tea with fresh lemon juice, which always fails, but tastes great nontheless:)

My breakfast was the old boring overnight oats with apple (well, they are not boring for me, I actually get pretty excited each morning when opening the fridge, but they are really THAT good:). My snack was a vitamine boosting snacking plate looking precisely like this (plus a couple of almonds already eaten:):

One kiwi + one juicy orange + six cherry tomatoes (2 already gone) = no fail combo!

Today I am in a mood for some shopping, since the summer is approaching and I have nothing to wear (yes, I know, a strange thing to hear from a girl:)) Am I the only one who feels like the shops offer a vast amount of clothes of which only a tiny amount is actually wearable? Maybe it is just a Czech thing:/

On a more promising note – the Maitrea Restaurant is another great place for vegans that I´d like to highlight. It´s concept is pretty similar to the one of the Clear Head Restaurant I spoke about earlier, because they are basically the same, but the meals are different, I promise:) You can get a vegan/vegetarian menu for a reasonable price and of a delightful taste.

Some delicious stuff:)


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It can get a little crowdy around noon, but we´ve always got a seat and the food is that good that it pays out to wait a bit:)

We have a lovely Saturday here (despite my cold), so I hope you´ve got the same and that you have some wonderfull plans to follow this weekend! Bye kids:)

P.S. On the nutritionist Reviews blog you can find some pretty cool giveaways as these: