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Posted Dec 02 2011 12:50am

Question by sugar_rush_x3:
When on a vegan diet program, do you need to have to count calories to loose weight?

I heard that vegans stay naturally thin with out counting calories due to the fact they dont have lots of tokins or bad foods (trigger most non animal item foods are nutritious).

So, if Im trying to loose excess weight on a vegan diet plan, do I genuinely need to have to count calories? (If so, how a lot of should I have each day?)

Thanks :]

PS) *Im not going vegan strictly as well loose excess weight, Im going for animal rights and general wellness causes, weight loss is just an extra bonus!


Solution by rexnezzy
Yes, you still want to count calories. There is plenty of approaches to be vegan and nevertheless consume empty calories, and even too much of a very good point can make you acquire weight. The good news is that if you happen to be consuming vegetables, it’ll take a lot far more food to get up to your daily calorie quota than if you have been eating meat and dairy, so you will be ready to eat a lot more and nonetheless shed weight.

You should look up how many calories you need based on your gender, height, weight, activity degree, and how considerably you want to lose.

Here’s a hyperlink to the Mayo Clinic’s calorie calculator:

Hope that aids!

Solution by mockingbird
I’ve stated it 1,000,000 instances prior to: veganism is not a excess weight loss diet plan.

Search, losing weight is straightforward math: burn far more calories than you consume. For the purposes of losing weight, it does not matter what individuals calories are produced up of. You can even now eat a lot of calories worth of healthy foods, and not all vegan foods are nutritious (hello, potato chips…)

No one has to *count* calories to lose excess weight, but they do have to come up with some way of consuming fewer calories or burning much more calories. Vegans (who are not all naturally thin by a Prolonged SHOT) incorporated.

Solution by indigo_pineapple
veganism isnt´s a way to reside just to loose weight. but it´s accurate that most vegans are pretty excellent with their excess weight, but you could consume potatoe chips and avocado and vega cakes all day and totaly be an obese vegan, but most of us don´t do that! you could cound calories, but it´s not the easyest thing to do when you eat a entire foods, not pacaged food diet program. just know what foods have the least sum of calories and depend on these to fill up your belly, and exersise a lot. but you might wanna check out out calories of fruits and vegetables on-line(l´m positive there´s a world wide web site for that) if you truly want to.

What do you believe? Solution beneath!

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