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Posted May 26 2011 10:47pm

Question by Love of Truth:
What is the greatest cause not to compromise your vegan diet regime?

I believe there are factors, some of them great in which it might possibly not be immoral to compromise ones vegan diet program and occasionally eat diary, egg, or honey, typically instances hidden in merchandise at potlucks, dinner invites, cafeteria food, air plane meals, following church snacks, etc. However there might also be excellent factors to last through such occasions and conditions. What in your view would be the very ideal of the factors not to go ahead and compromise.


Answer by Jen D
When it comes to the consumption of dairy items, it is effortless. I just visualize the gastric distress I would be suffering for the following 36 hrs. It tends to make temporary hunger seem like a picnic by comparison!

Answer by Edie
Initial off- I dont consume dairy, but I do consume honey ( I have a point against procedure sugar- product of the slave trade and all) and I do consume eggs ( I have a gardening allotment that has the friendliest chickens).

Having said that, my vegetrian diet keeps me healthy, unclogged and not topic to stomach cramps and diarrhea. That is enough to preserve me stuck with salads, rolls, grilled veggies, fruit and fruit salads and non dairy produced sweets. Which is to say, quite a bit!

Answer by TWO SOCKS
1. Sorry I do not mean to be rude but I am actually hunting forward to my Samosas. I do not want to ruin my appetite.

two. I cannot eat that potato salad since it has egg yolks and I am allergic.

three. Thanks but no thanx, I do not consume this late in the day.

What do you assume? Answer below!

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