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Posted May 03 2012 1:47am

Question by :
What is a wholesome diet program for a vegetarian?

Consuming innocent animals disgusts me. I mean, go on youtube and observe “why i do not consume at kfc any longer” and you might realize. I have not too long ago made a decision, to be a vegetarian.What can i consume as a vegetarian that will even now preserve me wholesome and robust?


Reply by Forgot
Commence with venison. Deer are evil bastards and deserve no mercy. Did you know that Hitler, Stalin, and Osama Bin Laden were all White-tailed Deer?

Reply by nani poo
fruits and vegggies of program, you far superior commence liking things like tofu and veggie burgers. but you can even now eat fries and pizzas, but you gotta eat ur veggies if your arranging on getting a lacto ovo you can have eggs and fish. but u most likely dont want that. which means youll be a vegan. youhave to eat veggie evrything..veggie chz…

Solution by StarlessSkyx
….Listen kid, I watched it. but there is other methods animals are killed. Like some farms permit the animals to reside a extended good content existence consuming yummy grass and are cleaned and taken care of.
they promote people sorts of meats just for a greater price and they are more healthy.
If you do not like the believed of consuming flesh that is understandable.
But for vegetarians…I know a ideal site simply because one particular of my buddies is a vegetarian as well! :)

So you happen to be going veg, and you are wondering what to do now.

Great Veg Web sites:

Also, if you do not want to consume milk, you can usually purchase Almond milk. it’s soooo great.
try the vanilla a single. I usually use it as an substitute of milk. :P hehe

have exciting! :)

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