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Posted Jul 24 2012 10:06pm

Question by drampor:
What is a good vegetarian diet regime for my cross coaching and running?

I am six foot three inch, 235 pounds and I have gained about 10 pounds of muscle mass from January but I have just lately started an one-of-a-kind vegetarian diet. I want to change the chicken and fish that were in the diet regime, looking for about three thousand calories a day. Any recommendations would be quite useful, a lot of thanks in advance.


Reply by Goody2shoes2
You might want iron for working that beets.. eat some raw ones regular also spinach and beet tops as well. Consume far more fruit than veggies. Fruit is what really replaces meat. do not overlook nuts,
seeds, grains, cereals, beans.
Fake meat recipe from Burker King 14oz Canned pumpkin, add in Soya sauce, oatmeal, wheatgerm and combine together.. you can form into balls or make patties and even sausages with the mixture. For fake
Sausages there is an further phase roll in cornmeal or gelatin except if U want skinless sausages then U never want to do the added phase. Cook the fake meat item in oil. If you use the balls in spagetti superior taste if U dip them in oil they do not want to be precooked as the water will cook them with the spagetti!
Oh U will not see me right here much due to also a lot of violations so
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