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Posted Sep 05 2012 10:47am

Query by Harmless Curiosity:
What meals should a vegetarian consume even though coaching for a marathon?

I’ve been looking into turning out to be a vegetarian but want to guarantee I have the correct program just before I do so that I will be properly nourished with out the meat. I am also instruction for a half-marathon. So what really should a vegetarian eat to keep wellness and power even though education?


Reply by Ache&Struggling
If you want to win a race, you will want mostly carbs for power. It’s what fantastic marathon runners normally do-they load up on carbs before a race. Then the subsequent handful of days immediately after the race, they build up muscle and go on a higher unwanted fat, minimal carb diet plan. Then when a race comes, they go back to substantial carb, low unwanted fat.

Load up on nutritious starchy factors like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, dates, pasta, squash, pumpkin before the race.

Don’t forget to eat at least 30 minutes just before the race and no less than 30 minutes. That will give your body time to digest your foods.

Operating even though digesting food is poor.

Reply by mermaid
I train 50 miles a week to enter marathons. I usually consume breakfast right after my morning run, normally porridge and a banana. You need to consume lots of carbs ahead of a marathon, i eat pasta the night ahead of and have a light breakfast just before the race. Drink plenty of water just before and for the duration of the marathon. Usually my diet program consists of heaps of fruit and vegetables, cereal, beans, nuts and lentils. Keep away from eating bread prior to a run because it is hefty and bloating, fruit and cereal are excellent to set you up for a marathon but make positive there is a couple of hours gap among breakfast and the run. Very good luck in your half marathon if you have carried out satisfactory coaching then you should do fine and truly take pleasure in it.

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