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Posted Jun 04 2011 10:49am

Question by Gardenia:
What brand of vegan cosmetics do you suggest?

All my makeup is finding old and I want to replace it. I like to spend $ 50-75, but I’d go up to $ one hundred if needed. I normally wear mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, lightly tinted lip balm and powder/foundation (the all-in-1 kind in a compact). My skin is somewhat oily and acne-prone if that is important. I select to hear from people who really use vegan cosmetics, but any suitable answers would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!


Answer by Conqi
I did not know cosmetics have been edible!

Answer by VeggieTart
There is a brand known as Zuzu Luxe, which is entirely vegan. You can get it at or They each also carry a amount of other brands of vegan cosmetics, such as Beauty With out Cruelty.

Urban Decay and Tough Candy are not completely vegan, but do have some items appropriate for vegans, and you can print a list to take with you.

Answer by jenny84
I get all of my cosmetics from If you have by no means utilised mineral makeup ahead of then it will take some obtaining utilized to but as soon as you get the hang of it, you will adore it. They are also bringing out a compact pressed foundation within the next week so you might prefere that to the powder they have at the moment. I utilized to utilized the compacts but am employed to the powders and prefere them now. Their products are all all-natural and use a minimum amount of ingredients which your skin will value. It’s great sufficient for your skin that you can even put on it overnight (I do not although). It’s also relatively inexpensive, particularly if you go for a custom kit. They also do a free of charge sample pack so go for that first if you do not want to pay for a thing you happen to be not sure of. Their products are not tested on animals and the only non vegan product I have found on there is the soap which has honey in.

I forgot to mention… make positive you get a synthetic brush as some of them are created of animal hair. They are thinking of changing them all to synthetic even though so if you want, you could send them a fast email saying you would prefere they do. And for oily skin… go for the matte or intensive foundation and finishing dust… they genuinely support in absorbing oil and decreasing shine

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