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Posted Dec 28 2011 5:48am

Query by :
What all does it take to become a semi vegetarian?

I know we all want meats for protein
but what does take to become a vegetarian
in which can I buy vegetarian foods?

where can I buy vegetarian meals that has just as much
protein as meat?


Answer by vannahhh
I hugely advise consuming Boca brand meat substitutes to support ease above.
They are accessible at Wal-Mart and Target The ground beef = can not even taste
the variation. Very good with tacos.

You could turn into vegetarian in stages:

one. Cut back on meat: (2-3 weeks)
When you are at McDonalds, try obtaining a cheeseburger as an substitute of double cheeseburger. Get smaller meat portions and side salads or fruit salads.

two. Cease eating red meat: (3-4 weeks)
Cut beef from your diet, then pork. There are plenty of fish and chicken options at nearly any restaurant and at family members dinners.

three. Stop eating chicken: (up to six weeks)
You might even now eat fish at this stage.

four. Stop eating fish: (2-five weeks)
No meat at all at this point.

5. Take away egg, milk, and cheese from diet: (one-2 weeks)
You can find vegan, soy substitutes for all.

6. Take away the remaining yogurt and ice cream.
You can discover substitutes for these as well.

* ( ) = range of weeks ahead of next step

I could not ease my way over since I had a traumatizing knowledge.
Progresso, Mexico – Meat Marketplace – Bad thought.

Anyways, I abruptly stopped, and it was not even that hard. So it really should be a piece of cake for you!
I want you the very ideal of luck!

And if you are undertaking it for the animals, when in doubt, watch the video “Meet your Meat.” Life altering.

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