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Posted Aug 10 2012 10:48pm

Query by Rah:
What actions can the vegetarian club at college do?

I need to find some activities for the vegan/vegetarian club at my higher school to do. There are not any places to protest in the community. There are really a handful of people in the club and I was pondering of organizing something exciting we could all do together.


Reply by Christine
one. A vegetarian potluck

two. Collect vegetarian recipes, make them into a guide, and market them as a fundraiser for your club

three. Style and design t-shirts that market vegetarianism and promote them

4. Sponsor a vegetarian bake sale

Answer by purplepassion
Put posters all around the college to see if you can get anyone to grow to be a vegetarian, or make some straightforward vegetarian meals.

Solution by Woody (King Carrot)
Have a carrot consuming contest. You could set it up like the nationwide hot dog contests. Whoever eats the most in a set volume of time will get the vegetable of the year award.

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