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Weekend update.

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:54pm

The weekend came and went and very quick as usual. Josh had to work, so the boys and I ran errands on Saturday. Arthur had soccer practice in the morning and then we were off to the bookstore. I got “Vegan Bruch” at the store. Yippee! I had been waiting to buy this book and was glad I did. I had seen all the goodness people had cooked and pictured on their blogs. So, on Sunday for Father’s Day I made the bagels from “Vegan Brunch”. I made sesame seed, poppy seed, sea salt, cinnamon sugar and plain. They are so good and Josh being from the East Coast told me they tasted awesome and like real bagels. Not like the psuedo bagels they have here in Texas. We are not known for our bagels here. It’s all deep-fried in the South.








I also made the East Coast Coffee Cake. I added some frozen strawberries. It was so delicious for breakfast this morning. The crumb topping is fantastic. I look forward to trying more recipes in “Vegan Brunch”.








Friday I cooked up a big pot of red beans. I used Kittee’s recipe. I added some sausage I had made and served it with sweet potato cornbread. The meal was so good. And let me tell you about sweet potato cornbread. One word, WOW! It was super fantastic. I wasn’t sure at first while I was preparing it, but once I took it out of the oven and smeared a little soy margarine on it. I was sure all right. Sure that it was heaven in my mouth. The recipe comes from “How It All Vegan”. Try it, you will like it.















Well, we have been packing. I can’t believe our move is coming up so soon. And what is more shocking is how much crap a family of four can accumulate over the years. Geez. Thank goodness for the local charity store. They are getting alot of donations from us. In regards to moving. The menu for next week and the week after will not be the most exciting. Since we are packing, I will be cooking simple meals and eating out of the freezer. I do not want to go out to eat as an excuse and I do not want to compromise our healthy diet because we are busy packing. I told Josh I am going to pack the kitchen last so we will still eat well even though everything will be crazy. And for now I have put “Throwdown Thursday” on the back burner. I have several Bobby Flay recipes ready to be veganized, and will pick up the challenge again once we are settled. The packing part stinks. The unpacking part I love to do.

Speaking of menu, here is the meal plan for this week.


Tuesday-Summer Vegetable Enchiladas

Wednesday-A giant salad with baked tofu

Thursday-Broccoli Cheeze Soup with garlic bread

Friday-Pizza Night

Saturday-Portabello Burgers with sweet potato fries

Sunday-Stuffed Shells

Snacks-granola bars, tofu jerky

Breakfast-bagels, East Coast Coffee cake

Dessert-Soccer cupcakes. I am making cupcakes for Arthur’s last day of soccer.

I will close with some more cute pictures from our trip to the beach. As you can tell, we had a blast. It was great. I look forward to going again in the early Winter. I wish it was Winter right now. The weather here has been a 100 degrees and hotter.



















































Hope you have a wonderful evening.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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