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Weekend Shopping at the Farmers Market and Nature's Basket

Posted Jan 17 2011 9:10am
This week's farmer's market at Bandra had its usual carnival atmosphere, with everyone basking in the all-things-organic goodness. While the market covers its bases with vegetables, there are very few fruits there - this week were figs, guavas, papayas and bananas. There were these amazing looking dark green/purple colored long beans, which I had to have, as I have never seen them this colored and this firm.
While the prices are reasonable, or in some cases even lower than regular produce, I do notice that its mostly just the expat crowd or the well-to-do locals who frequent the market. My parents are still perplexed why I have to travel 15 kilometres each way to buy my fruits and veggies, when there is a veggie stall practically at every corner in Mumbai.

The organic cafe had a new addition with Umami serving some lovely panini sandwiches and fruits on skewers.
I had a basil, hummus, grilled peppers and tomato sandwich on organic whole wheat bread, which was very filling. Price: Rs. 100. Not the cheapest sandwich in the world - for that rate, I could have bought an entire loaf of their organic whole wheat bread from them.
I also snagged some pickles/relish made of red and green pepper in a mustard oil base, which smells divine. In the spirit of rotating their menu, my favorite Gujju stall there didnt have any dhoklas this time. But they did have pani puri, laddoos, and chicki.
And some organic liquid jaggery - for when my maple syrup runs out.
There were cosmetics made of bees wax - not vegan, but better than the chemical-laden stuff out there. And organic soaps, soy-based candles, and such. Pretty, but I'm not ready yet to take my veganism to that next level just yet. I love my Maybelline dream mousse blush and mascara too much! :)
As well as the usual stall by Satvika, with food items like honey, ghee, cereals, jams, chocolates, fruit candies. And even a non-alcoholic Christmas punch.
  So, I really didnt have that much to buy at Nature's Basket this week - since my kitchen cabinet is pretty full with all the stuff I have gathered over the last 2.5 months of blogging. Just the usual salad ingredients - deep red lettuce this week, some organic strawberries (Rs 70), some Thai brinjal which looks like peas (Rs 20), four boxes of fresh basil (Rs 6 each), and a bag of fusili pasta. Basil's my new favorite ingredient of this year! And unknown to me, a ridiculously priced box of cherries (Rs 320!!) - which amounted to more than half of my bill at Nature's Basket. I wish they'd label their fruits beforehand, than having the shock of seeing such ridiculous prices in the bill on my way home. :( But they are so delish, why waste my time regretting the buy?!
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