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Wait…somebody stole all your pictures, didn´t they?

Posted Nov 30 2011 12:48pm


it´s been a long time since we last spoke together! Actually I wanted to write a post yesterday and also the day before…not that I had time for it, but I felt it would be nice :) However yesterday I attended a conference where I had a speech and it was quite a success, but what´s more important – there was one famous English professor who works in the same field as me and I had to “take care” of him for the last two days. So we went for dinner, for lunch, for a tour around Prague, we saw a photo exhibition, I had to set my mind on English language for 48 hours, came home at 2 a.m. today, slept 3 hours and had to work again… So days are still crazy, to tell you the short version :D

Also I was wondering what to post :) It´s been more than 4 weeks since I last cooked a meal! Moreover it´s been probably the same amount of time since I last took a picture of any meal. So I have no food pictures for you, sorry :) The only thing I could take a picture of is my morning oatmeal, but it looks the same every day, so it would be quite boring, wouldn´t it? Even though I went for a lunch with that professor today and had quite a tasty avocado salad, he would have though I was a “freak” if I took a picture of that salad in front of him. You can´t talk about dead bodies, serial killers and crime investigations and then just take a picture of a salad.

So I´ll tell you about my latest purchase from Lush :) I love this shop, even when the smell is a bit overpowering :) Their products never disappointed me, really never…until yesterday..

Aqua Marina skin cleanser. Looks ugly, doesn´t it? .D Yet I wouldn´t mind the look of it, that´s not the problem. The shop assistant told me this was a great cleanser even for dry skin. Well, maybe for her dry skin, but I feel like a mummy after I use it. Not a good thing for me :(

Coco lotion. I ordered this online and that was the mistake, because from the description, I got the feeling it would smell really nice and like a coconut, which is one of my fave scents. Well, it doesn´t smell like a coconut, it doesn´t smell at all. It is just a white stuff in a black cup.

Ok ok, enough of the bad talk. I also ordered a lip balm which is actually pretty nice, but wordpress doesn´t let me to post any more pictures (don´t know why), so you just have to try to imagine it :)

Well, it wasn´t the best purchase ever, this last Lush experience, but you can´t win all the time :) Now if you excuse me, I am going to prepare another bowl of overnight oats. Sorry for quite an uninteresting post, just wanted to let you know I am fine, but my camera is hidden under a huge tower of books and papers. However if things go well, I may take a picture of the Christmas tree once I get home (which would be 24th December), so you can already start to feel really excited :D

Have a lovely time girls!

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