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Vegetarian Festival

Posted May 22 2011 8:23am

Last night I went to my local vegetarian festival for the first time. It has been running for the last few years but I have never been able to attend before so I was super excited to check it out.

It is a pretty small event, but has been growing year on year and if last night was anything to judge it will need a bigger venue next year.

It was absolutely packed out and there was a lovely atmosphere as well as lots of yummy veggie and vegan food and some pretty cool music to go along with it.

I am pretty useless when it comes to having a grand choice on the food scale as I am massively indecisive,  which is why it is pretty good I am a vegan and only get to pick from maybe one or two dishes if I ever go out for food! Last night I walked into veggie food heaven and could not decide what to have, so spent a lot of time wandering back and forth between the stalls changing my mind. In the end I went for  local restaurant Milgi’s salad bar offering which out of the 6 veggie options had 4 vegan options, so I tried a bit of each of them. The plate also came with some pitta but I gave that to my boyfriend as I am still keeping gluten-free.

Milgi salad bar plate

The above plate was a vegan cabbage and carrot slaw, hemp seed tabbouleh (Forgot to ask if this was gluten-free :S), walnut and garlic potato salad (this was super garlicky!!) and my personal favourite sweet potato and pumpkin seeds. It was all so yummy.

Other options which caught my eye at the festival were the Parsnipship’s veggie burgers and their polenta and bean casserole. Although the queue for these options were out the door! Also looking yummy were the veggie chapati wraps from Cafe Atma as well as lots of yummy cakes. Fantastic crepes also offered vegan crepes which I was very tempted by but for dessert we went for serenity raw goodness and their raw vegan cakes which we took home with us:

Raw chocolate brownie and Raw Flapjack

We split the brownie and flapjack between us, my boyfriend did not like either though :( I thought they were good, but I prefer the raw brownies I made for my birthday . The brownies were really nutty, full of brazil nut chunks which were yum, but also very crumbly and messy. The flapjack was a bit greasy, I cannot remember the ingredient list off the top of my head so I am not sure what was in them, definitely a lot of coconut though, it was good but I expected better. It was nice to see some raw desserts though, their cakes looked amazing! There was also a vegan info stall which offered lots of information as well as pretty amazing tasting peanut butter fudge which I will have to try and recreate!

Overall I really enjoyed my first vegetarian festival experience.

Have you guys ever been to a vegetarian or vegan festival/event?

Anybody have anything special planned for national vegetarian week?

There is a vegan festival next weekend in a town close to mine so I am thinking of hitting that up!

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