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VeganMoFo Day 22: What You'll Find in the Freezer

Posted Oct 22 2008 3:57pm
May I be so bold to say that my two very favorite categories of foods come from the depths of my freezer: smoothies and ice cream. It's fitting then, that Jess of Get Sconed tagged me to spill the contents of said appliance.

Top Shelf:
- Homemade blueberry ice cream
- Ezekiel pita bread
- gallon size bag filled with random vegetable scraps, determined to be made into soup stock
- hiding: ball of homemade pizza dough
- usually here, but being washed: ice cream maker canister
Second Shelf:
- Ezekiel original bread
- Ezekiel sesame seed burger buns
- whole wheat phyllo dough
First Pull Out Basket (these are so cool! I love the fridge that came with our house) :
- Amy's California burgers
- 2 Amy's roasted vegetable pizzas
Second Pull Out Basket:
- partial bags of: peaches, blueberries, mangoes, green peas, green beans, corn, cranberries, edamame, blackberries
- small bag of strawberries that J and I picked ourselves back in June...something I still need to blog about...

So, moving on, The Door is not very interesting. It's taken up by a rather intrusive, in my opinion, water dispenser and ice maker that we don't use. The only things hanging out on the shelves are:

- 1/2 pound of tempeh - I buy 2 lb. bulk packages at the co-op, cut them into fourths, and freeze them individually since most recipes only call for 8 oz.
- lots of quart sized plastic bags - you caught me on the odd day that I don't have a single frozen banana in my freezer. I guess I really must have been sick, because I usually have at least one of these bags, if not all four or five, filled with ripe, frozen bananas to be used for smoothies. What can I say? We like smoothies. I reuse the bags until they rip.

Hope you enjoyed the freezer tour! Thank goodness nobody asked for a look inside the fridge...or my closet. EEK.
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