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Veganism doesn’t exist in Spain!

Posted Jul 24 2011 5:02pm

It seems ages ago that I was sitting on the balcony, eating breakfast and watching the family of nesting sparrows who’s nest was right above our front door….holidays come and go so quickly.
Anyhow, I thought I’d share with you a little about my Spanish foodie escapades….hmmm….let’s just say that I was happy to make most of my own food as everything had meat, eggs or cheese in it! I managed to get some soya milk but shock horror- no PB was to be found!!! :-0
Needless to say, my “almost vegan” diet became “definitely vegetarian” for the time I was away. I enjoyed a little dairy on most days, usually in the form of our coffees and, on the last night, during our super fun tapas night in Santander :-) When I’m in England I’ll never take PB for granted again!




Phil's (second) balcony breakkie :-)


Oatmeal every day!! Wohoo! To eat it on the balcony without having to rush off to work was just bliss! Mint green tea on the side :-)


Our only evening meal tasted weird!


Phil didn't half burn his mouth on his noodle soup starter


My....ahem.....interesting dinner of eggs and what came first? The chickpea or the egg?!


Coffee and my journal - a great way to spend a few hours


Phil's"fabodas".....sadly it had big chunks of meat in it, otherwise it looked like a pretty nice bean/tomato dish...oh well!


Trying a local speciality....the hot was thick like soup! Spoon required!


Phil joining in the spoon with a spoon...hmmmm!


Dinner for two in our house. We had huge salads most night with seven grain crisp breads, lentils, pickles, salsa, spinach, onions, peppers, sweetcorn, sorrano ham and cheese for Phil, tomatoes....anything but the kitchen sink!


Traditional sponge square


Mini tapas-style sandwiches, enjoyed on the return journey


Tapas in Santander




Vino.....this was a lovely house white :-)






Our breakfast in Santander before boarding the ferry home


My handsome croissant-muncher :-)

I don’t drink much at all but I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and some authentic Spanish tapas in Santander. I love the whole tapas scene. The tapas bars have such a great atmosphere to them. Phil enjoyed sorrano ham in his dishes, whereas the veggie options usually consisted of roasted veggies, goats cheese, caramelised onions and pine nuts/walnuts.
If you ever go to Spain, I’d definitely recommend a tapas night :-) Ours ended with a late night coffee in one of the sea front cafes. It was way too late for caffiene but we just didn’t want our night to end :-)
It’s true when they say, “There’s no place like home”. It’s true but I could have easily spent another week in the wilds of the Spanish mountains, even if it meant having a dodgy “dairy” tummy!
Ooh….a shark cloud!

Yeah….I’m blogging from my phone on the way back from a lovely day visiting family and seeing lots of little dogs at a dog show. I picked out about 5 dogs I wanted to take home :-)

I’m gonna do a random Q&A vlog….ask me anything! I’m happy to talk about my 10year struggle with anorexia, veganism/vegetarianism, recovery, life in general, running and marathon experience….anything! :-)
Big hugs xoxo

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