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Posted by Shez B.

I am so close to being a vegan. However I eat eggs. Lately though, I am not in any way attracted to eating eggs bought in the shop. I know that when I think of the way that the animals are treated, it does not go along with my beliefs. The fact that they kill the males....and also the fact that more free range eggs are sold than are produced is reason enough to give up.

In saying that, when I come down to my in laws in the country, they get their eggs from their own back garden. I actually feel Okay about eating these. I guess I am vegan who occasionally eats eggs when I know they are totally natural and ethical (in my opinion that is...)

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I can understand what you are saying and I've gone back and forth with the same thoughts. If it's organically grown and humanely treated it feels "ok" to eat the eggs, beef, chicken, etc. But I felt a sense of unease when I did eat the eggs I got from the farmer down the street from me. Believing no animal deserves to live and die so that I may eat a pleasant meal, it was almost as if I was a hypocrite. I just couldn't do it. I went completely vegan.

But if you are not vegan for ethical reason, at least you are taking the most ethical path possible and for that I commend you. If in your heart you feel this is best, than you must do what you feel is best.But do know eating eggs (or any animal byproduct) is not vegan. 

I'm vegan for ethical reasons, so I don't mind if it's a bit of extra trouble. I really don't want ot be the kind of person who will go back on my deeply held moral values for a slice of cake, so I'm not. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but being vegan is dead easy, even if you travel a lot and have a full time job (Yes, Ana R., I travel a lot, I eat wonderful food when I travel, and I sure don't limit myself by being vegan. Feel free to check out my blog for tips on vegan travel, eating out, and eating with friends). I honestly don't find it difficult at all.  But regardless of how easy or difficult you personally find it to locate vegan options, please don't call yourself vegan if you eat eggs. This leads to confusion for others. Whether or not you feel okay about eating eggs, they are still an animal product, and therefore not vegan.

I became a vegan because I learned that dairy period is not good for me. So, it does not matter if the dairy is organic or produced in my backyard. Dairy is fattening and it causes mucous build up. I have a blog that provides many quick, easy & healthy vegan recipes. Also, I have a vegan e-cookbook called 'Quick & Easy Vegetarian Recipes To Heal Your Body' that you can own.


I vacillated somewhere between veganism and vegetarianism for about 10 years from the time I was 12. I worked hard at making sure no meaty spatula or grill would touch my veggie burger when I ordered from restaurants. But to continue off of Tamar's statement, I unfortunately found many times that restaurants simply could not satisfy my wishes or did not know what the boundaries were. Many Asian cuisines prepare vegetable dishes with fish or oyster sauces. Chicken stock falls in pots as often as water. Many pastries or tortillas are made with the use of lard or other animal fats. Not to say that the choice to be vegan is not merited or possible, but if you're serious out there, then you may want to stick to your own kitchen or to strictly vegan/vegetarian restaurants. (Shez, don't the home grown eggs taste the best?!)
There was an article in Baltimore's City Paper... the author delved into Baltimore's vegan community and tried the way of life for herself. She discovered that it's very difficult! So many foods have some form of animal product in it, or even honey. Also, it was hard for her to replicate her favorite recipes and flavors. Labels themselves were deceiving. And, as we all heard from the McDonald's lawsuit, forget about eating out! You have no idea what chefs will put in to flavor their creations. I even saw on one of those top chef shows where they had to create a vegetarian meal. One of the chefs thought it was okay to flavor the vegetables with chicken stock!
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