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Vegan Thoughts & Lentil Soup

Posted May 03 2010 6:55pm

Ugh, Monday again? There is a bit of silver lining for this one though. At my job, someone always has to be on call in case a server blows up or a user locks their account out at 3 AM. Last week was my turn and it always makes the week slug by and adds a damper to the weekend having to carry an extra phone and be ready to jump on a laptop or head into the office. So the Monday after is an opportunity to enjoy my re-gained freedom … until my turn again next month.

I enjoyed this post from Crazy Sexy Life because it meshes nicely with my current quest to listen to my body’s needs, as well as my mind. It’s true that there’s tons of conflicting health and diet advice out there that seems to have a single goal to tell us we need improve our diets, even distract us from finding exactly what works for us. Granted, there are plenty of food temptations that do the same thing. One thing I’ve learned on this journey so far is no one diet is right for anyone – absolutely everyone has different diet needs and foods that work well for them. While I try to find what exactly works well for me, I’ve been able to respect the diet of others more, not judging or feeling the need to force my 2 cents on them (unless they ask :-) ). Not to say that I assume an obese mother feeding her obese kids McDonalds for the eighteenth day in a row has found that perfect diet, but that each person needs to find what works best for them, what’s the best balance of finding a diet that loves them as much as they love it.

For me, a vegan diet is doing that. A few years ago, I would never have imagined I could go vegan, I was too fearful of getting enough protein and nutrients while skipping animal products. But overall I find I’m feeling a lot better physically and spiritually. A really odd dream I had last night got me thinking of this, I was at a strange Asian restaurant where a tapioca like dish was being served with a live fish squirming around in it. As a waitress walked by with this dish on a tray, the fish looked at me with the saddest, terror-filled look that would make anyone’s heart melt. I jumped up and grabbed the fish without her noticing and sneaked it out (in water … I think) to be released. Weird, huh? It took me back to an article I read in my early transition days stating that many meat products carry bad energy if they came from a tortured animal … which is pretty much anything from a modern monster meat plant today. Not saying I fully buy that, but I wonder sometimes as I analyze how I’m feeling mentally the longer I go on a vegan diet.

Anyway, I’ve decided to set some goals for this week:

  • Continue my “no nuts” experiment for skin improvements. So far it’s going very well, skin is looking and feeling better so far after 7 days.
  • Make Gena’s Digestive-Friendly Hummus using dried garbanzo beans.
  • Try at least one black-eyed peas recipe using the dried bag I impulsed bought last week.
  • Make more kale chips
  • Get in some aggressive running this week to train for two upcoming races.

My lunch today was not too exciting, it looked exactly like last nights dinner … being leftovers from last nights dinner. But it was cheap, simple and healthy – good qualities as I focus on saving money lately and manage my grocery costs better.

I stepped away from raw for a vegan lentil stew for dinner as I test more vegan protein sources while skipping nuts.

It tasted a lot better than it looked. I simmered lentils with a bay leaf I acquired on a hike in Auburn, added spinach, carrots, brussel sprouts, red onion, zucchini and thyme – it came out good like the fresh watermelon I had for dessert.

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