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Vegan Taco Night at the In-Laws and Proposing Massive Changes and Vegan Chili Beans RECIPE

Posted Jan 30 2009 12:00am
I really am the luckiest vegan in the whole world.

I have a wonderful man who eats whatever I cook*, and I have his father and his fathers wife (Dil and Mil for our purposes here) who are totally freakin new age and open to all kinds of ideas and who fill me with ideas for wonderful things to do and wonderful things to think! I have a beautiful red headed step child who is brilliant and just keeps getting smarter every day!

How much better could life be?
I'm googling the lyrics for happiest girl in the whole USA , for peet's sake!

Mil is trying to convince me to make flax crackers and try to market them at the health foods store in town. I think it's a good idea. but there will be much planning and I will probably just over think it and never really get anything done, like I usually do.

Last night we went over to the Dil and Mil's place, the man and Dil had a conference call and we had dinner over there. RAW VEGAN TACOS!!! Well, it wasn't all raw but quite a bit of it was.

There were nori wrappers, thinly sliced sweet potatos and some organic corn tortillas for shells and, OH, MY! So much stuff to put in them all! There was shredded turnip, julliened cukes and zukes, kim chi, sauerkraut made from beets, salsa, onion, shredded kale, mint, cabbage, cilantro, and Sheesh, there was a bunch of good food there.
I stuffed myself and then she brought out the chocolate! Dark chocolate with almonds and cranberries inside. And I even had an apple turnover, although fruit should never be eaten cooked, I figured, what is a tsp of apple pie filling going to mean in the over all scheme, anyway? I ate it with soaked raisins and figs on top. Crispy filo dough filled with spiced apples and covered in soaked dried fruit. It was yum.

I wish I had brought my camera. I love visiting with them. So does the boy. You know, it's his grandparents... :) :) :)

We did the weekly shopping yesterday, too. I let the boy help, sending him to get 7 kiwis, 3 cukes, put the kale in the bag, etc. He helped write the numbers on the twisties for the bags of seeds and nuts and helped grind the peanut butter for his daily lunch sandwich. We also got him some goldfish crackers, he loves them soo much. I really think it's important for children to be part of the shopping experience and also help out with some chores in the house. At his age he can help out a lot, really. I already have him take his dishes to the kitch when he's done eating.
I need to remember to ask him to help with putting his clean clothes away and I also need to remember to have him make up his own bed in the morning when he gets dressed.

I served him some salad the other day and he ate it which is good progress.
I talked to his dad about him eating with us one night a week. His dad said, "you better make pasta that night". No. That's totally missing the point.
We already have dinner together every night, but he gets a special dinner made just for him. What other kid, barring severe allergics, get a special meal made every night? Ask any kid in his class and I bet you, barring severe allergies, that the child eats dinner with the parents. Eats what they eat. Cries over having to finish his lima beans, but finishes them anyway.

I proposed it to the boy this morning and he didn't seem thrilled about it but he didn't fall out crying either.

It's hard to change a life-long habit but it's even harder to have diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The boy will not survive unless we get some veges in him.

Maybe tonight. I am making chili with beans. I know, I know.

About 2 cups pinto and black beans. I soaked them all day yesterday and over night so they would sprout. Sprouting makes then about a million times easier to digest. Then I cooked them about an hour and a half, until they were soft.
1 tsp each curry, paprika, cumin, salt, cayenne, sage, and oregano.
3 smashed cloves of garlic and half an onion, quartered.

I will leave these on the stove all day until dinner time and serve them with a salad and some homemade bread .

*he's lost 25lbs since I moved in, I must be doing something either very right or very wrong.
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