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Vegan Must-Read!

Posted Jun 18 2009 12:07am
A brief departure from food today, to talk about a vegan must-read - Meat Market.

When Erik Marcus published his new book Meat Market last year, I bought a 'six-pack' from his early print run. Since then, I have given these copies to some friends and family members that have expressed interest in the vegan diet.

Two very good friends have made significant changes in their diets after reading Erik's book. One friend that was previously vegetarian is now eating almost completely vegan, and her family as well. My other friend is making more gradual changes, but in a carnivorous household that is now eating vegan meals several times a week and less meat. They have both said that Meat Market is a powerful book that has made them stop and think about how they live and has impacted their daily choices.

I initially met Erik through e-mail. I was completely delighted when he agreed to write the foreword to Vive le Vegan! I finally met Erik in person at a vegetarian festival back in October. How pleased I was to chat with such an important, influential leader of the vegan movement that is also so very genuine and 'real'!

If you listen to Erik's podcasts on and have read his books, you will understand that this is his life's work. Erik writes, travels, records his podcasts all with the goal to reduce and hopefully one day eliminate the animal suffering primarily caused by factory farming. Meat Market is important reading for all of us. It is even more useful if we can get others, who have even a hint of interest in vegan living or reducing animal suffering, to read it.

Please promote Erik's book and support his activism by buying a copy of Meat Market, or maybe two. You too may have friends that make a shift towards a healthier, more compassionate diet after reading this book.
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