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Vegan Mofo day 6: pumpkin festival!

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:53pm
Glad you all liked the sausage pics.  We liked the sausages themselves.  nom.

Get ready, this post has a buttload of pictures.

Michael and I went to the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival yesterday and we had a pretty rad time!  First and foremost, as soon as we walked in the gates, we saw this man:
stir stir stir that kettle

In order to buy this!
kettle corn.  oh.  yes.  hot and fresh and totally vegan (i asked to make sure)

Then we saw some birds that were sadly tethered to posts so that curious hillbillies could gawk at them.
looking for an escape route, i'm sure

Our next non-vegan thing to see was this lady in period costume spinning some wool:
some sheep is sad and cold because he no longer has his coat on.

Then we saw some uber creepy dolls!
they're staring at me...make them stop it!

I promise this will be the last semi-sad thing you see...  This little critter is a sugar bear and is also super adorable.  But I don't really like that they're called 'pocket pets'.
but just look how tiny it is!

Peanut man:
everything at this fair was completely over the top, obviously

There was even a little Native American village...
michael wouldn't go inside...  

The 'Native Americans' (I mean...they were just really tan white people in costumes and face paint, I swear) were making fried bread.  Which was selling for $3 a piece, what!
tasted like not so sweet funnel cake...but i like the setup here!

And now, finally, here are some huge pumpkins, since that's what this festival was supposed to be all about (not tents full of hokey crafts and greasy food).

see how it says '694'?  that's how many pounds it weighs.

There was a contest for kids to decorate are some of our favorites:
mean faced pickle nose!

i have no idea! clue, but i love the use of asparagus

there were bees all over those marshmallow was a little morbid

And our personal favorite:
one eyed feather monster!

We managed to score some pretty awesome WV made stuff at this festival too...  we tried like 6 types of salsa, but didn't buy any of them.  They were all spicy as hell, but sweet, which is weird.  And I was a little miffed that one of the chips we ate with the salsa at a booth had cheese in it...  Checked the label after it tasted a little funny and sure enough...cheddar cheese.  Ugh.  But this is some really cool stuff we got:
dark hollow sauce (marinade..spicy but also sweet), molasses that will be cookies soon, pumpkin butter, and cranberry walnut jam that is fucking amazing with peanut butter

the kettle corn, 2 types of cornmeal (one is made from popcorn!  can't wait to make cornbread out of that one), and a frosted glass pumpkin made right in milton, wv

We also had dinner last night after we finally got hungry... nachos!  The salsas we tried put us in a mexi-mood.
my gigantic pile of a dinner..mmmmmmmmmm!

And today for lunch, Michael and I made BLTs!  I bought some 'bacon' at the store a couple days ago and I literally cannot think of a better way to eat it.
bacon.  lettuce.  tomato.  mustard.  rye bread.  yes, please.

Tonight I plan on making some cookies...(we'll see).  And also other awesomeness.  Stay tuned!
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