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Vegan MoFo Day#16: I've lost a day somewhere

Posted Oct 17 2009 10:02pm
Don't know how that's happened - I can't even blame it on jet lag!!
Can we all pretend that this was posted yesterday?
Thanks for your co-operation.
Before my mum and I went to York I did a search on Happy Cow to see what vegan delights were on offer in this fab city.
I found this little health food shop called Kyi-po
I was disapointed that there were no vegan cheeses but their frozen goodies more than compensated. I have never seen so many flavours of vegan ice-cream before!
I didn't get any because the bus ride took 2 hours and well I just didn't fancy a tub of melted ice-cream, vegan or not.
But here's what I did limit myself to:
This was scarfed down in seconds and was super yummy. Like a vegan Bounty (are the plain chocolate Bounty's vegan? I've never pondered that thought before)

This was eaten straight out of the tin - what can I say, I'm a heathen and this is soooooo damn good
And this bad boy is coming all the way back to Spain with me

GO MoFo!
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