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Vegan MoFo Day#14: One potato, two potato, three potato, four...

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:01pm
....Five potato, six potato, seven potato MORE!

Todays MoFo shall be dedicated to the king of the spuds.
I'm not talking about King Edwards either, oh no.
There is one potato that surpasses King Edwards.
In fact all other potatoes in the existence of potatoes just fade into insignificance compared to this one.

This is the don, the head honcho, heck - this is THE DADDY.

What am I talking about?
People - I give you The Jersey Royal New Potato.

See - even the name kicks butt.

There is one thing that epitomises an English summer for me and that is this regal potato. Only in the shops from April until June they are gorged on by UK'ers, who receive 90% of Jerseys crop, year after year.
The remaining 10% of the crops are enjoyed by Jersey islanders themselves (it's a small island and nothing to do with mainlanders being greedy. Honest).

Oh how I weep for the rest of the world.

And I know what you're all thinking. This MoFo'er has gawn mad.
What's she doing talking about a summer potato crop when it's blinking Autumn!?


I'm right aren't I!

Well - ha ha. Feast your eyes on my score today.

seriously - name another vegetable that has a Limited Edition!

Oh and they're packed full of fibre and vitamin C too.

All hail the mighty potato
We are not worthy

Seriously, vegans of the world; pair yourself up for a package swap with a UK'er around May/June next year and hint massively, heck - cut out the hinting - DEMAND your swap buddy sends you some of these bad boys.


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