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Vegan cream and cheese sauce

Posted May 15 2009 12:32am

The basis of this sauce can be made in two ways. One is to use a ready-made vegan creamer such as the Oatly which I used. Then you can make your own creamer which has extra health benefits, such as the almond cream I easily make myself. For that you need to use the white almond nut butter (witte amandelpasta) which is very nutritious. I used three tablespoons of the almond nut butter and mixed it with some water to get a cream.

I used Italian herbs to this sauce for the Italian version. But you could also use curry and this would turn it into a sauce which is nice to eat with rice and veggie burgers. As a curry sauce, leave out the cheese.

To make this sauce you have to make a bechamel sauce. The vegan way to do this is to first put a few spoonfulls of oil in a pan. I use organic canola oil (koolzaadolie). Then add flour and stir until the flour has soaked up the oil. Now quickly add water and keep stirring until you end up with a sauce.

Now add all the other ingredients to make it yummy. Add garlic, spices, salt and pepper, and herbs (Italian herbs and fresh parsley). I also add a touch of organic ketchup. You can add a little wine or mirin. To make the sauce creamy you add vegan cream and cheese. I add pictures here of what I use, but you can also use other brands.

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