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Vegan Comfort Food on Sunday Leads to a More Productive Monday

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:46pm

Ah yes, the craving of comfort food! I am a firm believer that if comfort food calls you, you need it. And one can imagine that stuffing's one's face on Sunday would lead to sloth and slovenliness the next day, au contraire, it lead to a much more productive Monday...

I began Sunday with some yummy scrambled tofu that was polished off so quickly, the picture never got taken...and then a few hours later, the philly 'cheese steak' & reuben craving began. So a quick hop and a skip downtown to SacredChow for the vegan cheese steak sandwich made from seitan with bell peppers on crusty bread served with spiced potatoes:
Then there was also the super tasty reuben sandwich, made from tempe bacon, sauerkraut, casein-free soy cheddar, and russian-like dressing, served with a side of red cabbage slaw in peanut sauce & a pickle:
Can't seem to get the pictures to do it any justice, but trust me, it was worth braving the frigid frostbite inducing cold for these yummy sandwiches. It was also worth walking a few LONG blocks to get vegan chocolate chip cookies at a non-vegan restaurant, The Corner Shop.
The waitress brought extra cookies because I expressed how much I enjoyed them! Yes those fingers keep going back for more cookies as the boyfriend drinks coffee in silence, wondering how many more cookies I can stuff down my gullet. The answer is all of them! The Corner Shop is great little place with good vegan options. It's really cozy & just plain yummy.

After all that food, I roll home and turn into a couchpotato...and Booboo wonders if I will ever move off the couch, the answer is no! So instead she watches the sunset on a lazy Sunday:
Monday rolls around and thankfully, I'm not too full because I have tons of work to do- contracts, bookings, setting up logistics for all the last minute shoots at the end of the week..
But, a girl's got to break for lunch right? In anticipation of lunch, I marinated some tempe in maple syrup, liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar & red pepper flakes while I was sipping coffee this morning. When it was time for lunch, I put the tempe in a pan with some baby bok choy & onions. Also made a side of mashed japanese sweet potato- mashed with flax seed oil, almond milk, salt, pepper & a pat of earth balance- topped off with cilantro. I love cilantro. After wrapping up a very productive day, I treat myself to a yummy vegan cupcake that my thoughtful boyfriend picked up for me from S'Nice. My omnivore of a boyfriend found this place all by himself when he was craving a vegan cheesesteak sandwich on Saturday in on the westside. Am so proud of him! This cupcake was yummy and chocolate, but I really love love love the cupcake at Sacred Chow.

Fluorescent lighting is better for the environment than for cupcake pictures. The frosting was white, the cake chocolatey, the plate green & the counter also white...

So that has been my last 48hrs of stuffing my face and yes, ladies- you can most certainly guess that it is the time of the month to eat this way...

And that is enough food til I start thinking about dinner....

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