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Vegan Bread?

Posted by hbobier

Does anyone have good (and easy!) recipes for vegan bread? I don't have a breadmaker, so any in-oven recipes would be great.

I'm not much of a baker, but I'm hoping to start making my own bread!

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Most regular bread recipes can easily be made vegan.  I substitute almond or coconut milk in my traditional bread cooking books.  Earth balance replaces butter. I just avoid recipes that call for eggs.

 Another good bread source (if you don't have time to heat up the oven) is Ezekiel Bread found in most grocery and health food stores.  It is made with sprouted grains and nothing artificial, no preservatives etc. The company is "Food For Life". Very good pure products.

Let us know if you try a recipe you like! 

Ezekiel grain bread 

That looks super easy--thanks!!

here's how i do it:


and flat bread: 

This is a good resource if you don't want to bake your bread:


I have made my own bread several times.  The recipe is not on my blog, but I will go dig it out and list it here.  :) 

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