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Posted Oct 31 2011 4:00am

Vega Complete Meals Wellbeing Optimizer Made exclusively from normal plant-primarily based entire foods, Vega Whole Meals Health Optimizer is nutritionally total, alkaline and simple to digest. Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan, specialist Ironman triathlete and very best-promoting writer on performance nutrition, Vega Complete Meals Well being Optimizer is a synergistic collection of plant-primarily based superfoods. Each serving of Well being Optimizer is power-packed with nutrition, however only has 240 calories! Right here&#39

  • Disclaimer: This world wide web site is for informational purposes only. Always check the actual item label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient data due to item adjustments or upgrades that might not yet be reflected on our net website. These statements made in this web site have not been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration. The merchandise offered are not intended to diagnose, treat


SALE Price: $ 74.95


I have been utilizing Vega because my sophomore year in higher college (06′/07′), did not enjoy it considerably then. Now I adore it. For the past 3 years I have been making use of it as typically as I can get my hands on it, typically after a day when I have it. I have used other meal replacements such as RAW MEAL and others in try to get a ‘better deal’, and Vega has constantly come out on top. In the course of my University expertise, Vega has turn into an essential portion of my diet plan when my fruits and vegetable intake is often not as substantial as it would normally be. Ideal of all, this meal replacement is plant based and mainly raw.&#13

Other meal replacements this kind of as RAW MEAL offer related advantages I am sure, but the taste, despite the fact that I can get it down with water, is a challenge. As effectively, the taste can’t be masked in Raw Meal I found. Vega is Pleasant to drink, and it is a element of my day I appear forward to.&#13

As for the taste, I strongly advise the one-of-a-kind flavor if only utilizing with water. I find the three flavors such as Vanilla Chai harder to take with water. I purchased the Vanilla Chai this time due to the fact it tastes excellent in smoothies and it was at a fantastic price tag. Over the many years I have located that my taste buds have slowly adapted to adore the taste of the one-of-a-kind flavor blended with water, I strongly attribute this to slicing out most of the junk meals in my diet plan, creating my taste buds ‘cleaner’. I recommend that you stick with it, and the taste will come along with your vitality and wellness. If you can not take it with water, make a smoothie. The original particularly, blended with fruit is fantastic. There are also a myriad of smoothie recipes at the Vega Community site and other customers sites.&#13

I am a Vegan now for the most part. Even so, when I began Vega I was not even close. It is great to know that Vega is not formulated with meat or dairy merchandise. Do not grant not begin a Vegan even so, quit you from utilizing it.&#13

NOTE: The original flavor comes with 2 extra servings (17 vs 15) compared to the flavored versions, which is another advantage of acquiring that flavor.&#13

+Taste, one-of-a-kind flavor is simply masked in smoothie if you can’t take it with water. Chai tastes wonderful in smoothies, nonetheless if you are preparing on mixing with water, I would advise the authentic.&#13
+Reduced in body fat, and any excess fat in this meal replacement is beneficial.&#13
+Naturally filling.&#13
+Wonderful source of plant primarily based protein.&#13
+Good source of probiotics and vitamins and minerals (nonsynthetic).&#13
+Maca for hormone balance and support.&#13
+Effortlessly digestible, extremely simple on digestion.&#13
+Controls cravings nicely, specifically when taken in the morning.&#13

+Cost can be a tad high-priced, but thinking about a meal replacement, I believe the cost is fair. Keep your eyes open on Amazon for a excellent cost, the lowest I have observed this flavor for is 48.99 so far. I have seen the original for 50.99 as effectively.&#13

Fantastic taste, high good quality, fair value. Never anticipate a magic pill, but incorporated into a effectively balanced healthy diet plan, Vega is an astonishing addition that will aid you remain on track.

Carl Johnston

I am a shake fanatic. I am usually in search of the excellent shake and the best bar. I have not identified the the best bar yet, but I have found the excellent meal replacement, it is Vega. Vanilla Chai is my personal favorite since it tastes fantastic blended with water. Yes, it is pricey. But it is properly worth the cost. It takes the location of so several supplements. There is no want for a multivitamin, calcium/magnesium, omega-3, green supplement, or energy supplement. It is all here. Vega has 2.5g of Maca, which is fantastic for hormone balance, endocrine glands, and power. I have suffered with adrenal issues for years and this merchandise has produced more huge difference than any mixture of goods I have taken in the past. It includes two.5g of Chlorella which is a excellent heavy metal and liver detoxifier. Vega has 15g of fiber which is above half our each day needs. Eventually, and most importantly, it is filling and actually does alternative a meal. I hugely recommend it!

Kim Hillsman

For most of last year, I purchased Vega Optimizer tubs at Amazon for the reasonable price tag of 42 to 52 bucks. Not any more. The value has shot up at or close to 60 bucks and seems to retain rising.&#13

I think you get what you spend for. Vega is a good quality merchandise, a handy a single at that. But it is way overpriced. Perhaps simply because Whole Foods carries and markets it. What ever the R&ampD costs are on mixing vegan protein and nutrition powders into a bucket, Vega has produced its investment back several instances more than already. &#13

Tru-Foods delivers almost the very same mix for about 32 bucks. That is half the value. I use this item practically each day, so I am saving about 400 dollars a year by going with Tru-Foods. I am hoping that other well identified nutrition brands make a similar product to force the Vega value down to sensible ranges.

R. Pollack

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