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Urban Fruit Review

Posted Jan 19 2013 10:49am

First things first I am a complete dried fruit fiend. It is absolutely my favourite treat, and I always have a handful before a workout! I was recently contacted by Urban Fruit to see if I would like to try some of their products and I practically jumped at the chance.


Urban Fruit make a wide range of healthy snacking products that are tasty and affordable- I have often seen them on offer in the supermarkets. They carefully hand-pick and bake their fresh fruit year round eradicating the need for any artificial nasties, preservatives, and additives that you do have to look out for in other dried fruit products. None of their products contain those awful sulphites which are used in many dried fruit products-especially apricots-which deplete the body of vitamins and minerals and cause problems for those with asthma.

Urban Fruit have a lovely range of healthy snacks, I was sent a selection of 4 bags to try. Firstly I tried the dried mango. I love dried mango but sometimes the kind you can get in stores is really dry, tough and not great flavour-wise. The Urban Fruit dried mango was totally the opposite it was soft, and had a beautiful flavour to it, it was so good I polished it off in no time at all over Christmas and didn’t even manage to take a picture of it!


I also tried the cherries which were a mix of Bing and golden cherries, these were also pretty good and I am going to use them for some baking later today. The strawberries were also amazing and I had a handful before the gym.


My favourite of the lot was the Superberry mix. It was a mix of cranberries, red grapes and golden berries, which made for a nice contrast. The sweet cranberries and grapes paired really well with the sharp, sour notes of the golden (Inca) berries. Inca Berries are awesome as they are packed with vitamin C, fibre and iron so they are a particularly great on the go snack.


Urban Fruit also produce apricots, apple and pear, pineapple and raspberry snack packs. They come in really handy sized bags, perfect for your bag. They are a great snack as they are deliciously sweet but contain no added or harmful ingredients. I personally love to use dried fruit before a workout as I find it just gives me that little bit of a boost from the sugar rush. If you are just going to eat them on their own as a snack then combining them with some protein like nuts/seeds would be a great way to slow down the release of glucose from the dried fruit which does tend to be high in sugar.


I love that Urban Fruit is committed to making completely natural products and I will certainly be checking out the rest of their range once my stocks run low!

Are you a dried fruit fan? What are your favourites?

Have you tried Urban Fruits?

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