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Posted Apr 23 2011 10:16pm

HI!!! Have not updated here forever!! My netbook was spoilt for like FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER. Sent it for repair twice and got it back spoilt twice. So I was so fed up and bought a Mac Book Pro instead. OMG I HAVE NEVER KNOWN WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LOVE A COMPUTER TILL I GOT THE MAC BOOK PRO. IT IS THE MOST AWESOME EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! Ok, sorry for the outburst. I get so excited about my Mac. HAHAHA!!!!

Anyway!! The seminar was over about a week ago, and it was so intensive. We ended every day at 12am at the earliest, and the second last day was at freaking 3am?! I learned a lot of things, and we played a lot of games, some of which shook me to the core. Because essentially games are a reflection of how you behave in life, and so this made me realise a lot of things about myself.

I went in there wanting to learn how to make money, but I didn’t learn any of that sort… Hmm. And I think the point was – bank riches are nothing without inner riches, and the whole seminar was about making you rich within, healing your old wounds and your past, and teaching you to be a loving person who adds value to the world, and who plays fair. There was a lot of emphasis on playing win-win in a win-lose world, about how integrity is the essence of everything successful, etc. I can’t condense the three-day thing into a paragraph – it was so intensive and I feel like I’m still learning along the way.

I made a lot of friends – friends whom I think can be quite precious in the next few years, and for life. They’re mostly at least 10 years older than me. I bonded with this girl who’s only a year older, and she’s the local distributor for the Dead Sea products and is going to be a millionaire in one and a half years’ time OMGZ. And there were some guys my age who’ve accomplished quite a lot already –  publishing a book, owning their own companies, etc.

It was very awesome meeting every one, and on the last night, a few of us went to eat DURIAN BUFFET!! It was pretty surreal sitting amongst all these business owners – some Malaysians, some Singaporeans, all mostly older than me. I felt kind of like a little kid. Their thinking and mindsets are also very different – and when I came back home, and friends were talking to me about getting a job for the holidays, I couldn’t really connect with their employee mindset… And when I went for lunch a few days back with some cyclists and they were yakking away about bikes and who is fast and who is slow and who is dating who, my mind was just drifting away. I was thinking about the needs of the market and organic food delivery and how to play a win-win game.

Had lunch with George the other day – OMG IT IS SO AWESOME TO HAVE ANOTHER FRIEND WHO’S INTO VEGETARIAN FOOD AND WHO KNOWS SO MUCH ABOUT NUTRITION. We can talk non stop about acidic and alkaline food and food combining and etc. George is really a very COOL person and I’m very excited to start a business with him. And I just found out that some of the guys at Wealthworks Asia are into raw food too. SO COOL! Okay, they’re gonna be my best buddies man. Haha.

One of the quotes that struck me during the seminar: “Most people spend their lives earning a living rather than designing their lives.” That is so true.

Anyway after tuition in the morn yesterday, I went to the Wealthworks Asia place for a M & Y ‘review’ and met up with all the rest. It was really good seeing them. Then we went to Newton Centre after that and ate. At first I just wanted to go home and be a loner, summore they’re all so…OLD! Haha. Not old but… I really feel so young and inexperienced and like a little girl, you know? But it was okay in the end!

I’m now reading this book on rapport and how to mirror body language and ‘pace’ the other person by matching breathing, rate, tone and pitch of voice, etc. Fascinating stuff! I tried to apply it yesterday hahaha. Guess it works!

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