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Under the Weather

Posted Mar 27 2011 5:30pm

I haven’t been feeling too good all week. I had some health issues right after Christmas, where I was feeling fatigued and generally run down, this went on for about 3 weeks and since then it seems to come and go in bouts. I have noticed if I put in a particularly hard week in exercise week it tends to flare up, and that is exactly what has happened this week :(

I feel totally run down, I wake up in the morning and don’t feel fresh, I ache all over and I am completely shattered by the afternoon. Sorry for the whining!! I am really not sure what this could be, I don’t know it its potentially glandular fever/mono (my glands are like golf balls!), a virus or its a diet related issue. I think if it continues I will have to go and get it checked out. I am one of those people who hate the doctor’s so I will leave it as long as possible and just hope my body fixes things on its own!

This week has been pretty un-exciting food wise as I haven’t really felt up to making much. However I did make some happy herbivore Strawberry Cupcakes to take into work:

Strawberry Cupcake

I didn’t have any red food colouring so the icing had to stay as vanilla instead of pink! I had to taste test these as they were for my colleagues, unfortunately this meant breaking my lent (giving up wheat). I’m not even sure why I observe lent really as I’m not religious, I think I can forgive myself for one little cupcake though. The cupcake was really good, and they were enjoyed by my non-vegan colleagues too.

I also tried out the pulsin’ pea protein in a yummy green monster:

Green Monster

This green monster was made with soy milk, frozen banana, spinach and pulsin’ protein powder. This was my first time experimenting with protein powder and I was quite impressed, I had the smoothie for breakfast and it held me over until lunchtime. The powder also blended really well into the smoothie, it wasn’t lumpy and the flavour wasn’t chalky or overpowering. I was really pleased with my first foray into the world of vegan protein smoothies!

Peanut Butter has, as always, featured prominently:

PB Rice Cake Sammie

PB filled Banana

I also discovered a new way to use my PB: It is A-mazing in stir frys. I whipped up a quick stir fry with some rice noodles, tofu and veggies, then I mixed the soy sauce, some garlic and peanut butter and stirred it through. It was soooo good! I think I have overdosed on PB today!

The Suma Peanut Butter is absolutely delicious. I just got it this week and it is definitely my new favourite. Although it’s so tasty I keep going back to the jar for more! Not sure how long it will last!

Things have been quiet on the exercise front, I’ve been walking quite a bit, including a nice walk along the beach yesterday. I haven’t been for a run all week, I just haven’t felt up to it. Instead I have been shredding with Jillian. I have just completed day 4. The last time I did it for 7 days and then I took a break for the 10k race and never got back into it, so this time I am planning to stick to it. I think I am ready to move up to level 2, as I am finding quite a lot of it quite easy now, except for the push ups, that will never be easy!

I am hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and will be able to get some running in this week. Fingers crossed.

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