28/04/2011 · 10:26

Today is really strange, because I have an exam later in the afternoon and I am not nervous!?! How is THAT possible? Normally I am a nervous wreck especially in the morning. But today, my nerves are completely calm (maybe I´ve turned into a yogini and I don´t even practice yoga at all:) My roommate was away tonight so I had the opportunity to have a great breakfast eaten in my room and not sitting in our tiny kitchen on an extremely uncomfortable chair:/ Breakfast was my usual overnight oats, so I won´t bother you with the picture (but it seriously looked somewhat prettier than usual:) and I only tell you that blending the oatmeal with almonds gives it the most amazing texture and a slight crunch factor which I love!

Then I headed to my morning zumba class. I wasn´t sure wether it is a good idea, because yesterday I went swimming (1 hour), then I had a brisk walk from the swimming pool to the gym (1 hour) and then I had a zumba class (1 hour), which was all great but it was a lot. I thought I wouldn´t make it home in the end:)) But I was quite an energy bomb in the morning, so I decided that a little bit of zumba won´t do any harm..well, I am still alive:)

Too late realized I that I have no proper food at home for my post-workout snack, so I made just a quick mixed-plate consisting of this:

Red prince apple (crunchy and tasty!), puffed-rice cracker with a spoon of nutritional yeast and a couple of almonds. It tasted good, but I still feel a bit hungry, so I´ll do what a girl must do and go shopping:)

And because I like to change my mind, I just decided you have to see my today´s breakfast, sorry guys, so here it comes:

Now it is time for little revision for my exam, so wish me a good luck and enjoy your Thursday!

P.S. Megan of My vegan story (which is a gorgeous blog BTW) is hosting a great giveaway, so go and check it. It is open to everyone, not only for the US and Canada, as you usually see in many giveaways: http://myveganstory.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/gomacro-review-2nd-giveaway/

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