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Un-food post

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:52pm
I usually don't do this. I use my blog to post about the food I make, share recipes, and discover other similar blogs out there. But I just have to.

I finally saw Food Inc. It was incredible, scary, heart-wrenching, and hopeful.

Things they talked about:

-The mistreatment of animals in factory farms.
-The difficulty in being an independent farmer, growing the seeds farmers have saved themselves, and staying organic & kind to animals.
-The small number of giant food conglomerates that own the majority of the food we consume. The variety in the supermarket is deceiving.
-The technological/chemical solutions that large food companies have come up with to solve the problems that result from factory farming, like infectious diseases.
-The amount of infectious diseases and chemicals that are in our food and the amount of time it takes for the FDA to recall products that have been infected.
-The amount of unlabeled foods the contain infected products and/or genetically-modified crops.
-The unavailability of healthy foods to the majority of the people in this country. Why do healthy vegetables cost more than cheeseburgers and soda?

The one statistic that stuck with me:

90% of soy products are made from something called " Roundup Ready soybeans" made by Monstanto. They have basically cornered the market on soybeans, making it illegal for farmers to save their own seeds. These Roundup Ready soybeans are resistant to pesticides, meaning the final product contains pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Luckily the movie didn't leave it at that. They showed a lot of graphic stuff, and the quotes that they got from farmers and people like Michael Pollan, union workers, and others were depressing. But they had a whole section at the end about what consumers can do.

Money is the most powerful tool. How you spend your money is the most powerful message you can send.

Buy organic when you can.
Know where your food comes from.
Buy from the farmer's market.
Shop for smart bargains.
Write your senator.
Make sure your farmer's market takes food stamps.
Put healthy food in schools.
Sign the petition.

Read more about it here.

I've been getting asked a lot why I'm vegan and how on earth I can do it. Well, I've got my answer.
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