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UK Vegan Food Swap November 2012

Posted Nov 30 2012 6:28pm

Hi Ladies! I hope you’re all doing well in your part of the world. I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow!! Bring on the festive fun! :-)

Sooo….last week, I’l admit, I was feeling a little down in the dumps after developing a painful womb infection post C-section (us ladies go through a lot!). Of course, Leo’s smiles always brighten my day but last Thursday I had another special surprise – my November vegan food swap parcel from the lovely Anna arrived and cheered me right up! Many thanks to Mitzi of TO HAPPY VEGANS for putting in so much hard work to organise this monthly extravaganza!

IMG_4603Anna – I loved the parcel you sent me. THANK YOU so much!! :-)

IMG_4602Anna wrote me a lovely message in this cute-as-a-button cupcake card. As she mentioned, the package contained some “old classics”,along with some new finds.IMG_4601

A berry nakd bar. Reminds me of happy times when my friend Ami and I used to work out together and then pop to the health store for a berry cheeky post-gym snack. Love these <3IMG_4600An Energy Bomb! Cool! Raw and vegan and very tasty sounding! I haven’t had these before but look forward to trying it. It may become another great post/pre gym option.IMG_4598Blueberry pouch – perfect for my lunchbox or to take to the cinema aaannnnd….2 Ginger chews…..or was that 3? ;-) I may have just eaten one before the “photoshoot”. I usually have issues with ginger but these are really good. Yeah….the other two may have gone missing too since I took this photo :-)

IMG_4597Can’t wait to try this beond bar. I love all things raw and chocolatey! I think it’ll be a winner!IMG_4596An old fave :-) I know vegans strictly don’t eat honey but I’m not strictly vegan so I’ll happily enjoy a bit of our buzzy little friends’ produce! I might even share this with Mr P as he’s a real life honey monster don’t ya know!IMG_4595Me? I’m a tea monster – winner!!IMG_4594Corkers….sandwich + side of corkers = perfect!IMG_4599Erm….I’m saving this to share with Titch when we next meet for a Starbucks date. We have  a mutual love for raw choc :-) IMG_4593Ok I’ve had these before and remember the beetroot ones being slightly addictive! I think I’ll save these to share with the fam over christmas drinks :-)

What a great package :-) Thanks again Anna!

Can’t wait to get all Cristmassy with the next parcel I put together!


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