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Ugly Cookies & The Best Cake EVER!

Posted Jan 28 2011 9:55pm
I have the best co-workers on the planet!!!

They surprised me with an early Birthday "Cake"! Everyone was acting a little strange, but that's sort of normal, so I had no idea they were gonna stick a candle in a pan of fruit and sing happy b-day to me...What a great idea!
I'm so lucky to have people in my life who support my strange ways and don't whisper that I'm crazy when I'm not in the room.

I don't really know for sure what they're saying since I'm not in the room & probably am a little crazy so...lets get back to the cake.
Can you spot the candle?

This is what we do when we're supposed to be working. Make fruit people!!!

My co-worker (and BFF!) Danelle fixed this plate for me. It took 10 more fruit people to fill me up!

In honer of my B-Day, my hair got a makeover! (If you don't already know, I work in a salon.)
We cut some seriously short layers and touched up my new growth. Goodbye greasy-looking, dark roots!

We had a photo shoot!

Fo real! We took some pictures for the Salon's web page.

That's a princess book I'm holding over my face cause I have no makeup on.

Tonight, we had some old fashioned home cook'n.

They were the cutest potatoes ever! And organic!

Cook a small bag of these little guys till tender. (Use olive oil or vegan butter.) Add green beans, mushrooms, and a large red onion (sliced). Add water as needed to help cook down. Eat up!

This bowl of sticky rice was in my kitchen.

I added a little Miso Mayo and called it a snack!

Now it's time for some ugly...

Long story short...
I was baking & something obviously went wrong...
Black & white effects make it look more serious...
They were still tasty but stuck to the foil so I did what anyone would do...
Pealed them off piece by piece & ate every last one!

Now I'm off to do some time on the elliptical.

I have to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress tomorrow!

This is not good since I spent most of the week curled up in bed watching Netflix & eating Ugly Cookies.

What do you think about my new do? I was tempted to cut it all off! Maybe next time...

Have you ever gone "Extreme" with your hair? Cut it all off? Had a major color change? I love when my clients walk in and say they want something completely different!

Have a great weekend!
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