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Towel Sprouting or Growing Sprouts w/o a Jar

Posted Feb 28 2010 7:49pm
You can sprout seeds in a towel, too .

This is buckwheat. The sprouts shown are about 2 days old.

Soak seeds for the suggested time and then put about 2 tbs seed in a a damp towel.

Roll it up and fold as shown and place in a glass or some other place where they will be safe and not too warm or cold.

Don't let the cloth dry up but don't soak it, either. Check and re-dampen cloth as needed, twice a day should do it. If the seeds begin to smell sour, rinse thoroughly and re-roll in a fresh clean, damp cloth.

Allow sprouts to grow to your preferred age and eat, eat, eat!

Buckwheat sprouts contain Lysine which is an important amino acid.
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