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Tomorrow's a Better Day

Posted May 15 2009 12:32am
Since I've been eating so many sweets lately, I wanted to make something savory for breakfast this morning. I had some leftover crepes from my birthday so I made the Potato-MushroomBlintzes from V'Con. I've been wanting to make this recipe for a while but I always end up eating all the crepes before I get the chance! I didn't actually use potatoes, instead using kale and mushrooms. They kinda fell apart while being wrapped but I didn't care, they tasted amazing! I really liked the flavors together and the crepes were delicious as usual. I did have some naturally sweet berries on the side but they have natural, healthy sugars instead of refined.
Lunch was a light meal made with theSmokey Miso Tofurecipe fromVegan Yum Yum. And yes it was excellent! I knew it would be... but wow, this is going to be one of my favorite, go-to recipes for tofu. I love miso and the smokey flavor was so good. I had it on ezekiel bread with baby spinach and a side of baby carrots.
I loved every bite of it, and it didn't make me feel gross-full like some sandwiches can. I had a much better day then yesterday and I think I will take a short jog when it cools down tonight. Even though I'm underweight, I think exercise is important and I get grouchy when I don't do it. It makes me feel so much better and I no longer do it just to lose weight.
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