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Tips on Raising Healthy, Happy Vegans: A Guest Blog by Joy Paley

Posted Jan 25 2011 6:15pm
Hello beauties!

First of all, I just want to say - January has been a whirlwind. What with getting back to work, classes, bootcamp sessions (getting stronger by the day!), volunteering, and a very awesome project in the works, I am one busy gal. The result? Only enough time each week for one measly post on my beloved blog.

But do not fear! Although I will be writing to you less frequently, my posts will be about quality, rather than quantity (as all the best blog posts truly are), and I will of course keep you in the know should I need to hibernate for a while here in sunny LA - wait, can one hibernate in 70 degree weather? In January? 
 Today, I'm happy to share a guest blog by writer Joy Paley of An Apple A Day , a kiss-worthy new website and blog. Whether it’s the latest medical gadget, a run-down of the best hospital shows on TV, or a sneak peak into local remedies around the world, An Apple A Day covers all kinds of articles about health, wellness, and raising a well-rounded family. I asked Joy to write a little something about raising vegan kiddies, and here's what she had to say. Enjoy!
Tips on Raising Healthy, Happy Vegans
Joy Paley is a science and technology writer based in Berkeley, California. You can read her medical musings on An Apple A Day . She is also a writer on the subject of ultrasound technician schools for The Guide to Health Education.

If you thought your own transition to veganism was rocky (I admittedly still dream about butter sometimes), you haven’t tried to raise a vegan child yet. Turn on the TV, and you can’t escape the kid-targeted marketing for processed sugary convenience foods or the latest head-sized burger form your local fast-food chain. Kids, too, are especially prone to pressure from peers about following a diet that’s so “weird” and different. 
While there are certainly challenges, though, you can’t really overestimate the benefits of introducing your kid to an animal-free diet early on. Besides the impact a vegan diet has on cruel farming practices and animal treatment, it can also prevent diseases that are on the increase in America, like type-2 diabetes , obesity , and cardiovascular disease. Here are a few tips to help kids adjust to this diet, and to keep them both healthy and happy.
Many thanks to Joy for this post! To learn more about Joy and An Apple A Day, visit .

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