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Thrifting, Car Boot Sale & Craft Fair Discoveries

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm
I have just finished my first week of my final uni placement in a neurological rehabilitation ward, and I have to say it has been very tyring. Not because the work is hard, ive actually found it quite boring, but because its not much fun getting up at 5.30 am for the early shifts!So its one week down, seven more to go! By that time it will be almost christmas, can you believe it!?

The last couple of weeks my mum and I have been doing a bit of thrift shopping and also went to the car boot sale and local craft market last weekend. Usually when I go to the car boot sale im not in the mood to buy anything and then later regret it, that was not the case last weekend, I bought lots of great things I would like to share with you.

Firstly we bought some gorgeous freshly picked flowers at the craft market. I bought these yellow iris's. I didn't know yellow iris existed until about a month ago when I saw some sitting next to the purple variety.

My mum bought this mixed boquet of really intersting flowers.

At the car boot sale we spotted a table of old old books. I thought they would be expensive considering their age, but I was wrong, they were only $2 each! So I purchased 3, now I wished I had bought the whole lot lol.

The first one is 'Voice Song & Speech' (2 images below) ,which is from 1884 making it 125 years old! It gives advice and tips about the voice, and breathing and a few odd pictures of the body and photos of inside peoples mouths. I thought it would be intersting to compare what they say about the body to what we learn in nursing, i know things have changes alot since those days.

The second book is 'Special Songs and Services' (2 images below) which is from 1898 making it 111 years old, I couldn't pass it up because I loved the cover so much, isnt it sweet? It contains music and song lyrics, really quite special I thought.

The last book I bought was this Crochet book (2 images below) from the 70's. Because Ive wanted to learn to crochet for a while now. The book has instructions for beginners and lots of patterns to try out, so im excited to try it out during the holidays.

Nearing the end of the boot sale I spotted this framed picture. I had been searching for one like this for a while after adoring them at my elderly clients homes, so I was pretty excited when I spotted it. The frames are so detailed and this particular one has an amazing picture which is printed on a silky type of fabric. Its a little dusty, but after I clean it up I think it will look even better. Have you seen these type of frames before, perhaps your grandparents or parents own one?

Close up (below)

If you have been following me for a while you may know that I collect random teacups. So I was delighted when I spotted stacks and stacks of odd plates at the boot sale. Each one was different and I thought they would be perfect to go with my odd teacups. My favourites are the front one and third one back. Again, I wish I would have bought more of these at only $1 each!

My mum spotted this handpainted plate (below), its really quite beautiful with like a netting type pattern in the actual ceramic and the peachy colour of the roses. I think she plans to hang it on the wall.

We went to one of the local thrift shops where I spotted this lovely vase. It has a pattern in the actual ceramic, a gold rim and pretty little flower transers. I have had a thing for buying vases lately, I think you can never have too many....or can you?

This next plate (below) my mum found at a church op-shop. Again this one is handpainted too and will also be hung on the wall. Im not quite fond of the grape painting but I love the shape of the plate and detail around the edge.

Lastly we bought these home made jams and pickles from the craft market. Home made is always the best! I had the zucchini pickle on my sandwich and it was really delicious, I thought I shall try and make my own some time.

Thats it from me this week, sorry no recipe in this post guys. Although I have a few I would like to share with you, I'm worn out and looking forward to the next couple of days off, although alot of it will be spent doing an assignment :(

So i hope you have a relaxed weekend, and why not treat yourself to a visit to a car boot sale or some op-shopping :)

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