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This weeks work outs

Posted Nov 16 2011 2:27pm

Wow, brief blogging hiatus there. I have been super busy the past week or so, and just haven’t had time to blog. Here is the round up of last weeks work outs:

I was feeling pretty spent at the beginning of the week so was going to have an easier work out week, but it just didn’t happen!

Monday: ‘rest day’ : 1.73 mile walk

Tuesday: 3 mile walk. Gym: Stationary bike 10 mins, Elliptical 10 mins, NROLFW 45 mins HIIT on treadmill 20 mins

Weds: 40 mins of hip opening yoga. Gym: 15 mins Elliptical, 5 mins rowing, 25 mins core work, HIIT Stationary bike 14 mins

Thurs: 5.48 mile run, followed by 0.58 mile cool down walk. Gym: 5 mins elliptical, 10 mins stationary bike, 6 mins rowing machine, NROLFW extra stage workout (I will be posting about this sometime this week!)

Friday: ‘active rest day’ : 25 mins yoga for runners

Sat: 3.17 mile run, followed by 1.27 mile cooldown walk

Sun: Boyfriends C25K intervals 2.37 miles, walk, 5 mins run, 2 mins walk, 5 mins run, walk cool down. Gym: 20 mins elliptical, 6 mins rowing machine, NROLFW extra stage 1 workout, 35 mins stationary bike (14 mins hiit, 21 mins steady state)

Phew that was an exhausting week of workouts!

Totals: 45 miles, 9 hours and 44 minutes of working out and 3605 calories burned. Ouch hard week! Loving that my totals keep increasing week on week, but its got to the stage where it is taking over my life a bit, my gym workouts are getting longer and longer, and I think I might start incorporating more HIIT instead of steady state to try and shorten them.

I felt a bit burned out during this week, and its no surprise really looking back at the week, that was a lot of exercise! I think I may have to have a scaling back week sometime soon, just to let me body have a bit of a rest and recharge the batterys. I also might try something new, like a few gym classes, or maybe start swimming again, just to mix up the routine so I don’t get too bored, and my body doesn’t get too used to the exercises I am doing.

I will have a New rules of lifting for women stage 1 report coming up later in the week! Really glad stage 1 is now over, it was very long and I am excited for a new strength training routine.

How were your workouts last week?


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