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The Rose and Crown Pub at Disney's Epcot

Posted Oct 18 2011 12:57pm
Unfortunately  all good things must come to an end which meant my “mini vacation” was over and it was back to work for me today, despite the fact that my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle were still enjoying their last few days of vacation in Disney World without me(obviously I'm a bit resentful).

We decided to have a nice lunch together this afternoon before it was time for me to head into work. I selected the Rose and Crown Pub, a charming English style pub located in the United Kingdom in Disney's Epcot.

Walking into the authentic English restaurant  I immediately felt as though I had been  transported to local pub where everyone on English countryside goes to socialize. This place was adorable, the restaurant hosted a fully equipped saloon, the perfect place to escape the crowded park and enjoy a cold beer on a warm day

There was also outdoor seating situated on a picturesque dock overlooking the water, which  made for a very enjoyable atmosphere.
 Of course it's customary for the Chef to come over to the table when there is an allergy noted, so as we browsed the menu the chef appeared ready to walk me through the menu and point out the vegan friendly items however, with one glance at the menu I had already made up my mind, I wanted the Seasonal Vegetable Curry Dish (which required no alterations). The chef looked dumbfounded, "well that was easy" he commented. His friendly attitude and eagerness to accommodate me made me think he would be willing to go above and beyond to satisfy me, even if it meant customizing a special dish. However, I always prefer to order the items off the menu when possible, after all the  dishes on the menu are the dishes that the restaurant and chef is most proud of.

I definitely made the right choice with this dish.  a medley of carrots, cauliflower, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, green beans and peas were all mixed together and served with basmati rice in an Indian style curry sauce which had a slight kick to it. The dish was accompanied by four delicious paper thin slices of crispy lentil bread.

This dish was amazing, I loved the unique combination of vegetables used in this dish. The Indian spiced curry sauce was extremely flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed my authentic English meal.

My Mom had a difficult time deciding exactly what to order. In the ten minutes time we spent browsing through the menu she had changed her mind  at least three times. She noted that there were several very appealing dishes on the menu ( which rarely happens seeing as my mom can be quite the picky eater). Finally she decided on the Sunday Roast, a dish which included roast beef with a shallot gravy drizzled on top and accompanied by roasted potatoes in a Yorkshire pudding popover, seasoned green beans, and mashed potatoes. Her decision turned out to be the right one too, she raved about the tender beef and the creamy mashed potatoes.
Hearing the words English pub my Uncle immediately decided he wanted Fish and Chips for lunch. Luckily for him the English staple food was indeed a selection the menu. The dish was served with two nice pieces of battered cod fish and a heaping helping of hot house-made steak fries and of course a side of tartar sauce. He commented that the fried crust was quite light despite being deep fried. He washed down his meal with a cold pint of harp beer, an ideal English lunch.

My Aunt order the Romaine Salad ( not much of a shocker there seeing as she is known as the salad queen, the woman absolutely loves salad). The entree sized salad included slices of tender grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and house made cheddar cheese scones served with a light mustard vinaigrette. She enjoyed her dish and commented on the delicious mustard vinaigrette, she noted that the light consistency didn't overpower the salad but instead complimented the other ingredients wonderfully.
We loved this restaurant, the food was exceptional and the service was great, all of the employees we had encounters with were quite friendly ( plus their amazing English accents make everything they say sound so polite). This is one of my top picks for dinning in the parks. The Rose and Crown Pub is open for lunch and dinner, the average price for a generous sized entree ranges from about $13.99-$17.99 making it one of the more affordable full service restaurants in Epcot's World Showcase. With an extensive menu offering a wide selection of dishes with varying flavors, there is definitely something for everyone!
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